WashDay! Avocado & Honey DC!


(Gettin ma A$AP Rocky on lol)

Before I started mixing any of this, the day before I finger detangled and separated my hair in to like 8 two strand twists & moisturized and sealed with JJO and TJ’s Conditioner.

*This is lowkey a tad messy. I advise you have a towel on deck if you plan on doing it.


So with this weeks wash day I decided to do a Avocado & Honey DC because my hair felt quite dry and I wanted to get some pictures up 😀

1. Here I got all my things ready to start.

  • Chefmate hand mixer ( I swooped this at Target for like 7$. YAS.  My only beef is, speed 1 feels like speed 12, sooo fast O_O )
  • honey
  • GSO
  • AVO
  • 1 Lemon
  • 2 Avocados
  • Silk Amino Acid


Steps 1-3: Got my ingredients, opened up and pitted the avocado, and added my lemon juice making sure not to get any seeds in my mix.

Steps 4-7: I then added my honey, GSO, AVO and Silk Amino Acids. I would usually add some Jojoba oil in but I decided to just seal with it after I wash this junk out.

avcdcapplyThe Application.

I then started to undo each twist and apply the dc mask from ends to root. I started with a small amount and really focused on getting my ends. I continued upwards and massaged well into my scalp.

Then I re-braided the now guacamole covered piece of hair and clipped it out of way so I wasn’t getting slapped in the face with wet nasty hair.  I repeated this step until my whole head was done.

I covered with a plastic cap and let sit for like I don’t even know. Way longer than an hour though, I started cleaning up my bathroom and lost track of time. 😐

(I knew it was too long because some of the avocados started drying on the back of my neck. Ewewew. lol)


Went to wash it out. I untwisted and washed out each section. Then applied a large amount of conditioner and slowly detangled with the Tangle Teezer and then twisted up again. ( I know I know you’re not supposed to comb soaking wet hair but I’m a thug and I do it anyway. It actually works better for my hair. Go figure 😐 ) Slapped a t-shirt over the soaking wet hair and let dry for like 30 mins.

Sealed with JJO and my Rose Whipped Shea Butter Mix I made. Smells so guuuuud.

(oh & thought you guys should peep ma tat 🙂 )

Used Roux Porosity Control Shampoo, TJ’s Conditioner, Aussie Moist Conditioner and the love of my life…


Ill do a review on it later, but its a godsend since Denman brushes don’t seem to work for me :/

I’m still unsure of what the final style will be but Ill keep you posted 🙂

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