Baby Lips Review


Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm Peppermint Item #: 2232641

$3.99 @ Target/Walmart
“Baby Lips:  SPF 20 Lip Balm is a moisturizing lip balm with SPF 20 sunscreen. Gives 8 hr moisture + lip renewal. “

 I got this because my normal favorite Palmer’s Dark Chocolate Peppermint Lip Butter isn’t being sold in stores anymore.  :”( I was so sad. I went through a couple glosses and chapsticks trying to find a replacement until I tried Baby Lips. I first tried their Melon Mania version not knowing that it would leave a pink tint. I wasn’t really diggin the tint too much but I did like the way my lips felt afterwards. Really soft and hydrated lol anyway I used that one for a little until my bf got a hold of it. -_-

After a week of keeping it safe I leave it on the bed and within 20 minutes I come to find it all smooshed in the cap!!!


I gasped in horror and asked him what happened!? Instantly he’s like I didn’t do it…or at least I don’t think so? :O

Come to find out he was “playing” with it because it was making a weird sound so he kept making the sound and then suddenly the sound just stopped so he stopped playing with it. Ugh! That sound was him twisting it all the way up with the cap on!!!


#omgboys #thatsthatshitidontlike #allbad #derp

Arghh! Needless to say I made him buy me another one and that’s how I got to the awesome peppermint one.This one is exactly what I was looking for, no tint, really smooth and light, and smells good. I also like that compared to let’s say a Chapstick, the Baby Lip balm is bigger and smoother to apply.I really enjoy the colorful packaging of all of them but I won’t be buying anymore with any tints. I’m just not loving the colors on me.

Peppermint Baby Lips = 2Legit2Quit

It’s bomb, and it has a subtle shine which is always good in my book.

I bought the lipsmackers  just because I used to always buy them when I was younger and it was on sale for like $2. This one is really thick. This is a madddd gloss, for when you want juicy lucy lips lol. It smells really strong of watermelon which could possibly be an issue for sensitive noses.

3 thoughts on “Baby Lips Review

  1. Those products are loaded with artificial ingredients. Really a chemical cocktail Buy Buddha Balm for natural lip are and you will go nuts that you found something truly amazing.

    • 😦 i know right. I’m always up for natural products! I tried Burt’s bee’s though another natural one and I wasn’t to crazy about the smell. Can I find the one you mentioned online? In stores?

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