Flat ironed hair


Yesterday I flat ironed my hair so I could do some trimming and a split end search and destroy mission. I have maaaaaaddd split ends in the upper layers of my hair which really sucks because I have to try super duper hard to get them, if I get any at all. This is making me really start to consider going in for a professional cut but I’m still scared that they will cut too much. Anyway when I flat iron my hair it always seems to get poofy within the hour, so I was on my lion king swagg for a little until I got sick of the hair all in ma face and put it into pigtails. My ponytails haven’t been this long since I was a kid. O_O no lie.

And you see I’m smiling for the first time in a couple weeks, my mom is doing well and is making a great recovery so I’m really happy about that and now I can chill and start focusing on me and what I love again,


4 thoughts on “Flat ironed hair

    • Thank youu hun ❤ & Oh man i know what you mean, I just try to use heat sparingly like once every two to three months, and make sure I use a heat protectant. I use Grapeseed oil, its a great heat protectant as it withstands heat up to 425 degrees but when I flat iron I don't even think about going that hot, I try to stay between 300 – 340 so I don't do any real damage.

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