Got weak wimpy nails? Yea me too, Nail Aid cares tho,

So the other day I ordered some nail polish from Nail Aid. I have really weak nails that bend, break and peel whenever I try to grow them to a certain length. Throughout my life I’ve always wanted to have long, strong, healthy nails but they always seemed to elude me. So! I was browsing through the interwebz, when I found this product.

Price: $6.50ea and free shipping when you purchase 2 or more items. (Win.)

Nail Aid claims to be a cruelty free manufacturer and and upholds a 100% vegetarian ingredients policy. Major points for that. They also exclude the use of formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate, chemicals “used by the major nail care brands cause yellowing, dryness and brittleness in nails. Also, these toxic chemicals are harmful to a woman’s health and had been banned in Europe.”

Here’s a little what they say about themselves:

“We are passionate about beautiful nails. It’s our only business… providing the safest and most effective solutions to nail problems for women worldwide. Nail-Aid products are professional strength and they do exactly what they claim to do. We provide a 100% Guarantee on every item. No questions asked. All Nail-Aid products are Made in USA.”

To find out more about their company visit:

Like I said before, my nails pretty much suck, so I bought the 5 in 1 Total Grow Tougher, and their Peeling Nail Intense Repair Gel for 13$ with free shipping, not bad not bad.

Since then I was growing my nails and waiting for these to come in the mail and the day of, I mean literally hours before they got to my house I ended up breaking some -____-


(Lets just take a moment to notice how much better my Samsung galaxy s2 camera is than my iPad 2., smh.)

I ended up having to cut them all down and start fresh, which isn’t too bad since I want to see if this stuff works.

The Application: Yesterday I did two coats, one of each and used my blow dryer to dry them since I always seem to fail no matter how still I sit with wet nails I always end up f**king them up so blow drying them saves me time and stress lol. When they were dry I did notice they felt hella stronger but it could just be me. This is day 2 of the polish and no chips so far and nails do feel stronger. The directions say to use it for 3days and re-apply so I will be keeping my fingers crossed in hopes that this will be the answer to years of weak wimpy nails!

– Asia

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