Lost every scarf/bonnet I own -__-

photo courtesy of tumblr

photo courtesy of tumblr

Had to make a CVS run and get a new one.

I have like 4 and they all disappeared.

The one I picked up at CVS

The one I picked up at CVS

Homegirl is happy as fuhhh lol

This was like 3 bucks and some change, gets the job done.

I hate tying loose scarfs because they always seem to come undone while I sleep,

so I’m cool with looking like a grandma if it means my hair is protected lol.

7 thoughts on “Lost every scarf/bonnet I own -__-

  1. I love my satin night cap! And I misplace them all the time. Forget the sock monster, somewhere there is a crazy ghoul with purple, pink, tan, and black nightcaps!

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