Wash Day 4.14.13

Once again I know I lagged it on this wash day post but it’s finals week, y’all understand.


Anyway this weeks wash day was nothing special anywho. After flat ironing my hair I left it straight for 2weeks instead of my usual 1, horrible idea. By the start of week two my hair was tangling and breaking like crazy. I think its been about 6 weeks or longer sinceĀ I’veĀ done an aphogeeĀ proteinĀ treatment, Ā I’mĀ lonnng overdue. So maybe that’s the culprit. I don’t think I will be flat ironing my hair again for another 2-3 maybe even 4 months.

The Breakage.


My hairy ass shower wall lol.

It may be gross to some but I’ve started sticking my hairs that come off in the shower to the shower wall to stop my drain from clogging up. My hairs are kinda long and used to cause my drain to constantly get plugged up. I get grossed out superĀ easilyĀ so pulling out soggy, nasty, wet, hair from the drain is sure to send me gagging. This way when I’m done I can just wipe all the hair away and throw it in the trash, no drain digging or clogging yay!

This way is a whole lot better, for me at least. Ā Think its gross? Ohwell. I think soggy drain hairballs are worse.


The Wash.

I made a simple avocado & honey dc and added silk amino acid protein to help with some of the breakage while I’m in between aphogee treatments.


I separated my hair into 8 sections like I normally do, applied and focused on the ends mainly since they were this weeks problem area. Ā Let sit for an hour.

Showered. Washed. Conditioned. Rinsed.

washed & conditioned : Alba Botanica

( I must mention this stuff is OFF THE CHAIN. It smells soooo good, its thick, moisturizing and natural! win)




After the wash, I t-shirt dried and two strand twisted the front and put it in a bun.

Ā see, I told you, nothing too cray.


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