Benefits of Silk Amino Acids for Hair and Skin

I know some of you reading may have seen me say something about adding silk amino acids to some of my dc’s, so I decided to do a explanation of what they are. Enjoy


Silk Amino Acids.

What are they?


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Silk amino acids, also known as silk protein or sericin, are the jelly like proteins that bind the tiny fibers in silk. They are used to help prevent dehydration of the skin and help strengthen hair.They come from the silk worm, which aren’t actually worms but caterpillars despite their name.

Some may dispute but, silk and SAAs are in fact animal products even though they are natural. Unfortunately as far to my knowledge the silk worms do die during the production of silk amino acids and silk fabrics so for my vegan readers & animal lovers this might not be the product for you.

How is it made?

They are obtained by the hydrolysis of silk. Which pretty much means the chemical bonds in the silk worms cocoons are broken down by adding water. What’s left after this process is the soft lustrous threads from the cocoon which is then ready to be used in a variety of cosmetics.

They are classified as non-irritating to the skin and eyes and are non-toxic, but always check the company your buying from first just to make sure.

This protein is water-soluble and is found in both liquid and powder form. These amino acids are used in a variety of cosmetic and personal-care products, including hair conditioner, hairspray, and skin creams.

What I use it in :

My deep conditioning masks on occasion, and my whipped shea butters.

Benefits of Using Silk Amino Acids

These acids have a low molecular weight, which allows them to be easily absorbed deep into the layers of skin and hair creating a defense against dryness and moisture loss.

When applied to hair: The silk proteins bind to the keratin that we have in our hair creating a layer to help protect against moisture loss. During this binding process the silk proteins are able to penetrate and strengthen damaged hair.

When applied to skin: Some study’s have shown that these SAAs have antioxidant effects and have been shown to combat wrinkles. Is a naturally hydroscopic material. (Adj. of a substance; tending to absorb moisture from the air.) it provides excellent moisturizing and conditioning qualities. SAAs can give the skin a very soft, smooth velvety feel when used in things like lotions and hand creams.

fun fact: studies have shown that the crystalline structure of silk amino acids offers some defense against ultra-violet rays.

There is even a company that claims their silk pajama’s will help keep you healthy by SAAs being absorbed through your skin while you sleep! Read a little about it below. 

” Silk contains the 18 essential and non-essential amino acids. The soft lustrous thread obtained from the silk cocoon woven by the silk worm contains these 18 amino acids. 

Amino acids themselves have been known as the “building blocks” of the body. They build cells and repair tissue, they form antibodies to combat bad bacteria and viruses; they carry oxygen throughout the body and assist with muscle activity, and they help rebuild RNA & DNA (nucleoproteins). There are 8 essential amino acids which cannot be manufacturer by the body, and the remaining non-essential amino acids can be manufactured through proper nutrition.

The silk amino acids are found naturally in the silk fibre therefore they are in our gorgeous silk sleepwear. Further, your body repairs itself between 10pm and 2am whilst you sleep, so by wearing our gorgeous redkora sleepwear you can actually be helping your body become healthier whilst you are pleasantly dreaming. “
Pretty cool huh?


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Have any of you used silk amino acids? What was your verdict? 

3 thoughts on “Benefits of Silk Amino Acids for Hair and Skin

  1. I have added silk amino acids to my cream oh wow amazing💫
    I will recommend it!
    It does wonders for ur skin😊😁

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