Hairstyle 4.20.13

Two Strand Twist on Blow Dried/Stretched Hair


Lion King O_O Crazy thick…

Today I co-washed my hair and finger detangled. I noticed I need to stop using my tangle teezer so much, I barley lost any strands finger detangling but it took forever and I didn’t have the satisfaction of knowing every single tangle was gone. I went ahead and blow dried my hair using the tension method. I set my blow dryer on warm and started with the back, But before I even started drying it I used jojoba oil and castor oil as a heat protectant.  It took super long to get through all of it and by the time I was finished my hair was huge. o_o


I ended up literally hurting my hand trying to fit it into a bun so I could go do some errands.

When I finished I kinda just sat there like, “whew I’m done, thank tha lawd jeezus.” But then soon realized I had no idea what I was going to do with my hair once I was done. I ended up settling on trying out a flat twist on my now stretched hair.


Two Strand Flat Twists on Stretched Hair

For the twists I used East African Shea butter, Eco styler gel with argon oil, and my spray bottle which has aloe Vera juice, vitamin e oil and jojoba oil.

My ends are straight so I used drinking straws to give them some curl so they won’t look all weird when it dries. I wish I had known that my first time trying a twist out, needless to say it came out awful. So this will be my 2nd try hopefully it comes out well. I’ll have to wait until tomorrow when I know my twists are fully dry and I take them down to see. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Ill make sure to keep you guys updated! ❤ xoxo


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