Farewell extensions…

Hello loves!

I know there haven’t been many wash day posts or posts in general but that was due to finals week. Now they are over and you have me all to yourselves again! 🙂

These past few weeks I’ve just been doing regular conditioner dc’s and washes. Over the weekend I found out that I am officially done and out of the weave game for good. After doing my regular routine I wanted to do something different and I had been having the itch to go back to the land of extensions. Well I did and when I had finished I instantly felt weird. Something was off, normally after spending hours meticulously braiding and blending a flawless head of long straight tresses I would feel great that my hair looked so fly. This time that was not the case, I instantly hated it. It was heavy, it was too straight, it had no volume, the list went on. I thought to myself, “well I just spent like five plus hours doing this junk no point in taking it down now, I can at least try and keep it for a week and take it down next wash day.” That attitude lasted about two whole days before I couldn’t stand it anymore, I took that ish down so fast you wouldn’t believe, and instantly felt a million times better. So I’ve come to the conclusion, for the time being, straight hair that’s not my own hair just isn’t for me. :/

Lowkey, I never thought this day would come but I’m sure glad it did.



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