Aphogee Protein Treatment

Hey y’all!


My Aphogee Arsenal

I’ve been saying I needed to do a protein treatment for quite sometime now and I finally got around to doing it tonight. I just finished up but here’s why I needed one so desperately. As you can see the before photo shows just how much breakage I was getting while detangling with my tangle teezer. I ain’t even gon front I was detangling a little rough throughout the whole thing but still, it’s around the same amount of breakage I’ve been getting for the past couple of wash days.



I sectioned my hair as usual and then washed my hair with the Aphogee shampoo for damaged hair. Next I poured some of the two step treatment into the spray bottle for easier application. After I had finished applying the product throughout my hair I blow dried it making sure to keep my hair still as possible as this stuff gets really hard and you can actually end up snapping your hair off if not careful o.o after I finished both sides I got in the shower and let the water run over main hair softening the now hardened product. Finally I sectioned my hair again which was now all loose from the last step -___-, I used a generous amount of the balancing conditioner and roughly tangle teezed out any knots. You can see that this stuff doesn’t stop breakage 100% but GREATLY reduces it. I slapped my hair up in a bun and am calling it a night, since I have been working on it since 3pm @___@

( I don’t know whats been going on with me, Ive been being mean to my hair lately, these finals had me going crazy.)


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