Happy Naturalversary to Meee!!!

I wasn’t going to post today but I decided to go have a look at my hair journal and come to find out today is my 1 year natural hair anniversary!

*and the crowd goes willlllllddd*


This whole year has given me time to learn to love my curls and develop newer, healthier, and gentler techniques when it comes to my haircare routine. It has also forced me to become more creative and accepting when it comes to my hairstyles. I remember not too long ago I had maybe 3 hairstyles, straight, straight with some curls or straight in a ponytail. Now I’m lucky if I keep a style in more than a week haha. The main things this year has taught me though is patience perseveres, softer is better and that I don’t have to look pageant ready everyday 😀

Now Im deciding whether or not to flat iron it for a length check :/


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