Woo 1 year flat iron! (& 100th post) 5.11.13 – 5.12.13

100th post yeaaaa!

I would like to take this time to thank all my readers, you’re awesome.

I’ve been uber busy these past couple of days but here’s a few pics of how my hairversary went.

I flat ironed my hair and because I suck at taking back of the dome shots I didn’t lol. Right now I’m like one inch below mbl and slowly creepin up on wl.


After I straightened it I wanted some fast curls so I put Bantu knots in over night and woke up the next morning with huge bouncy curls, which got way to hot instantly and took away some length. 😦

I did three pin curls up front, which I secured with bobby pins then clipped the back up with a claw clip and went to visit my mom on Mother’s Day.

(Excuse the pink photos those were taken super early and as you can see I’m super tired lol)



6 thoughts on “Woo 1 year flat iron! (& 100th post) 5.11.13 – 5.12.13

  1. Ugh, I have hair envy right now. I went from having shoulder length relaxed hair to big chopping. I’m in TWA stage and I miss my length but I want to stay natural. I want to switch hair with you. LOL

    • Thank you 😀 awh well sometimes tbh, I want to just cut it o.o the multiple textures is laaaammee. Lol right now I have shoulder length new growth and the rest relaxed/textlaxed but I’m too much of a wuss to cut it. *bows* super respect your courage to go all the way! You’ll be there again soon! & at least you can say you’re fully natural, I’m still transitioning 😦

      • I know about multi-textured and it is such a pain. I feel you on that! I guess you’re right, though, I can say I’m fully natural but still … I miss using my flat iron. LOL! My hair grows fast though so, next year this time I will be complaining about how hot my head gets with all that thick hair on top of it. Hahaha! Happy transitioning, darling! You’re doing well.

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