Meet My Baby Kali!

Dis ez mai widdo babykinz Kali!






Lol Jk but his name does translate to, “the dark one” (and some other creepy shit) ย in Hindi I think?


But we love the good lawd Jesus here so its ok,

lemme start over

This is my little furbaby Kali.

Aww look at that handsome face

Aww look at that handsome face :3

I adopted this black ass foo almost two years ago. Took him back cuz he was bad with no bathroom manners but missed him after 2days so I went and adopted him again. He’s been my ride or die ever since.

He likes to sleep on my bootybuttcheeks and gets quite upset if I try to move while he’s there.

Today he was sleeping too good and fell off haha.


So pro African American even my cat is black. Lol

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