Wash Day 5.22.13

This wash day came a little sooner than expected…

My roots were starting to get really tangled and dry since my last flat iron. I no longer was feeling all the drama and maintenance that came along with it and I missed my curls.

This wash day my hair was pretty dry so I mixed some of my regular moisturizing conditioners (tj’s nourish spa, alba botanica, aussie moist) with the left overs of my rose whipped shea butter mix.

(which was now a melted soup of oils because of the recent heat -.- )


In the first pic you can see the texture of my straightened hair almost two weeks after. It was starting to get tangled and puffy at the roots and kinda felt dry so I said what the hey, and decided to deep condition today.


The second pic I finger detangled a bit and braided into sections. Finally third pic, I applied the mixture from bottom to root and detangled more with the tangle teezer.

After everything was covered I put on a processing cap and then got a small towel and ran hot water on it and wrapped it around my head for heat. Then wrapped another towel around to keep in that heat.

Lol the struggle I know.


Let this bad boy sit for about an hour while intermittently reheating the inner towel.

(Ugh I need a real heat cap but I’m broke as fuh right now q_q *wishlisted*)


When I washed it out my hair felt soft and smooth. My texture was back to normal which is good because I used a higher heat on my last flat iron and thought I burned my ish o.o lol



Wrapped up in a t shirt and let air dry, now time to bun this b*tch up!


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