Forever Amria <3 (1st ForeverFeature!!!)

Our FIRST Forever Feature!!!

Thank you ❤

Forever Amria ❤

Her Hairstory


Hello, I am Amria from Romania, a little place in the South Eastern part of Europe. I am a big fan of this blog right here, I have been interested in hair care since I can remember and I too have gone through much with my own!

To start, let me just say I have been coloring my hair for 9 years now (wow!) since I was in 7th grade. I dream about having long hair, but every time I grow it I feel the need for change and I cop it off in a bob shape. This has been my ritual for years.

I have decided again to grow it long and healthy so that means no more hair dye! Or at least not every month, like I have been doing for the last nine years.

To begin growing my hair I decided to dye it a dark color and cut off most of it’s length  just so I remain with the healthy part only. I went in an instant from long and blonde to short bob brunette. It was a big change but I didn’t regret it in any way, because I would feel my short hair so healthy when running my fingers through it! With my long blonde hair I could feel it break and at every use of heat on it I saw my ends were more and more destroyed.
I chose a hair dye that fades away, so when the roots grow they wouldn’t be in a blasting contrast with the jet black. My natural hair in pretty light anyway, so you can still see them, but I redo my color once every few months just to blend them out. I do not like my natural color so I will end up dying my hair darker anyway.

Before this new journey of hair growing began, I had my hair every possible color  Black, chocolate, red, ginger, blonde…and I know it wasn’t healthy 🙂 I had my fun, but I am much more pleased with my hair now.
It is longer now, so I have more options to style it and that keeps me from going all crazy with hair dye on it every month. My next step will be to get highlights, just so I don’t have to dye it every few months because of the contrast with my roots.

I used a flat iron almost every day, same for the hair drier, and that made my hair dry, it made it break, it looked unhealthy if I didn’t style it properly. What really helped me to regain it’s strength was deep conditioning with a normal hair conditioner. Olive oil did not help at that point at all.
TreSemme has really good products that I found worked for my dry hair, I would use the hair mask every 3 days (washing my hair every 3 days instead of every day made a huge difference!).
Other products that helped a lot where form Balea (DM’s brand I think), these conditioners and shampoos worked wonders to my hair.

What didn’t work in any way for me:
-olive oil
-Elseve products

Now it has grown, it passes my shoulder, and I hope I can maintain it healthy and continue growing it 😀

ohmygawd yer face is like perf x_x

Asia: ohmygawd yer face is like perf x_x

ForeverAsia: Thank you so much Amria for sharing your hair story, I must admit I too have had my days of crazy coloring and had your same attitude like whatevz I had fun lol.

Your hair is beautiful! Good luck on your healthy hair journey!

Thank you again for your participation and support! ❤

She does amaaazzzinnnngg makeup, check her out here:


And for my readers I forgot,



11 thoughts on “Forever Amria <3 (1st ForeverFeature!!!)

  1. Reblogged this on amriaa and commented:
    Hey loves, if anyone is interested, I shared my hairstory with Asia from 😀 If you don’t know her blog, do check it out, you’ll find great tips for healthy hair and you can also read what others (as myself) have been going through with their hair, it’s a great way to find out what products work as well! Go ahead and visit her page, your hair will thank you 😀

  2. Aww I love the post and Amria you have gorgeous hair 🙂

    Following you now foreverasiam. Please visit me too and check out my blogger in focus series. If you like anything on my blog, don’t forget to hit the like button 🙂

    • Me too! I remember I dyed my bangs blue, I bleached them first and while it lasted it was poppin but then my mom forced me into letting her relax my hair. 😦 my dope blue bangs went green then orange then gone. They started breaking off hardcore! Haven’t bleached or dyed my hair since lol, if I do it’s with henna to maintain my natural reddish color.

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