Forever Amber <3

Forever Amber ❤

Her Hairstory


So, a little about me and my hair.

My name is Amber (also known as Bam) and I am 24 years old. I currently live in the South but I’m definitely what you would call a Northern Southerner. Just from my style, my influences and my background.

Growing up, my mother loved the texture of my hair and felt like relaxers were only not needed, but would damage my hair. But she didn’t know how to care for my hair herself so I got my hair pressed every 2 weeks until I was 17 years old. Before college I got a relaxer so I could take care of my hair myself and my hair did just fine. It was healthy and it grew like crazy.

When I turned 21 I cut ALL my hair off just because and hated it (lol) So that’s when I started my hair journey to grow my relaxed hair back fast and as healthy as ever. I grew it from a pixie cut to BSL in 2 years.


From there I found the world of Hairlista, YouTube Gurus such as NinaPruitt, FGrogan, and PrettyWitty77 who taught me how to stretch my relaxers and do heatless styles to achieve even higher goals.

During this time I learned a lot a began sharing my own journey with others, and after posting my journey video on YouTube it seemed like people really cared what I did with my hair! And I definitely didn’t mind sharing.

Around this time I became a mentor to my 6 year old cousin who had recently lost her mother to cancer and I just wanted to do anything I could be a positive role model for her, so from that moment on I planned on growing my hair from BSL to waist length… to donate to Locks of Love. That would be my sole purpose for growing my hair out at that point.

During this time I stopped getting relaxers completely and decided after I donated my hair I would go back natural.

Long story short, I had a major setback and was not able to donate a full ponytail to Locks of Love (I did, however, end up being able to donate the viable hair to them for offsets).

Shortly after that, having no real reason to keep my relaxed ends… I cut them! The rest is history!

I big chopped after 11 months of transitioning on April 3, 2013 (my last relaxer was May 10, 2012) so I haven’t been fully natural very long but I haven’t looked back since!


I chose to go back natural because I had been natural for more of my life than I had been relaxed, and while I loved my relaxed hair, I truly missed my natural hair.

Now, having natural hair is not a burden. It is something that is embraced. I don’t HAVE to get it pressed because I don’t know what to do with it or I’m scared of my curls. In fact, I have no plans on ever straightening my hair in the immediate future!

I keep my routine simple (co-wash every other day and moisturize every day with simple water and shea butter) as I am still in the TWA/Awkward Stage with my hair and all I wear is mainly puffs.


What I love about my hair is the freedom and ability to do pretty much whatever I want with my hair.

I don’t regret my decision to go back natural at all.

My advice to any young lady transitioning or even currently natural would be simply to learn to love the hair YOU have. Be patient with yourself and your hair and don’t get so caught up in curl patterns, hair types, or trying to make your hair look like anyone else’s. Your hair is what God intended and it’s beautiful. Also… KEEP IT MOISTURIZED AT ALL COSTS! lol

I have a hair blog where I blog my favorite products, things I’m doing with my hair and just great tips to know called and I also have a YouTube where I document my hair journey.

Forever Asia: First I would like to thank you for your submission and support! Second,


whew, now that I got that off my chest,

holy crap! Pixie to BSL in two years!? Crayyy! I’m sorry about your cousin and totally respect and commend your decision to become a positive role model for her :’) your advice to new naturals = perfect. Thank you again for your wonderful story, your curls got me wanting to cut these relaxed ends pronto @_@

but I know I won’t, ima wuss. v.v lol

Thank you so much again, I will be bookmarking both your pages and following your progress!



I need to find amazing lip colors like that, any suggestions of brands lol?


2 thoughts on “Forever Amber <3

  1. Thanks so much girl! i loved this feature! And yes, definitely take your time with your big chop, I was ready and I don’t regret it at all, but it definitely takes some getting used to from where I was. As for the makeup… I suggest trying Wet N Wild’s line of lipsticks. They’re inexpensive and have a wide range of colors, that way you can see what looks great on you first. Then you go for the long wear brands like MAC (which have my favorite matte colors)

    • No problem it was a pleasure having you. Thanks so much for the lipstick recommendation, I’m tryna step my lip game up since i only wear eyeshadows v.v haha.

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