Grow Healthy Hair Naturally, Proven and Tested

I was stumbling on stumble upon and came across a nice article by Noelle from,

that may be very beneficial to my 1A – 3B readers in particular, but is said to WORK ON ALL HAIR TYPES.

It’s a blog started by a hair salon owner who deals with customers who suffer from Trichotillomania Hair Loss which is a condition where one pulls out their own hair.

“As a hair professional working with hair loss and damaged hair on a daily basis and experimenting with every possible product line to promote hair growth, I decided to go it on my own with my Italian mother’s concoction. My mother used this on my hair when I was young and years later, my hair is still healthy for it. I changed things a bit, but if you do this once or twice a week for a month you will see the difference. My mom also used eggs, but they are smelly….

This recipe repairs hair from roots to ends. Works on all hair textures.”

BEFORE Client with over processed dull and dry hair


After: 6 months later – same client with new found hair growth


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4 thoughts on “Grow Healthy Hair Naturally, Proven and Tested

  1. Haha, my grandmother used to do the vinegar trick to me when I was a kid and I’s cry all the time. Now I’m thinking I should have let her 😦

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