What Is The Green House Method?


The Green House Method is a method I found from a hair site entitled Real Queens Regimen.

It is  similar to the bagging method, except this method does not use a chemical moisturizer. Only natural carrier oils are applied to the hair and a plastic heat cap. The treatment uses a sauna like effect to stimulate your scalps natural sebum production and create an optimal growing condition for your hair.

This method is said grow hair faster while adding moisture.

How to do it:

After a fresh wash and condition preferably but you can also do it on dry hair too, apply as much of olive oil, coconut oil, or castor oil (what ever your preference of carrier oil) to your hair as it can stand, whatever amount works for you without being too much. Make sure to coat the ends and length of the hair. Can also be done while in protective styles.

Next get a plastic processing cap or bag over your hair to lock in the moisture and heat from your head. Doing this creates the green house steam effect while you sleep.

Fact: Did you know that hair grows faster in the summer than in winter? Did you also know that it grows faster during the night than in the daytime? And also, among the other things you should know about your hair is that it grows more quickly between the ages of 16 and 24.

Then tie a or place a bonnet or scarf on your head making sure everything’s in place. You can also make it hotter by adding another hat or something.

When you wake up you will feel that your hair is wet from all the moisture being produced while you slept. Your hair should feel more moisturized when it dries, but if you don’t like the wetness you can blow dry it or let it air dry a couple minutes before styling.

I do this every once in a while for like 3x to a week and its awesome but I do find that I need to wash or co wash my hair more frequently because my hair & scalp feels all sweaty lol.

8 thoughts on “What Is The Green House Method?

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  2. I was on YouTube watching someone do the inversion method. And when she said “Greenhouse Method.” I had NO IDEA what she was talking about. I just saw her put a bag over her head and that was it. And in me trying to properly do the Inversion Method. I also did the Greenhouse. Moisture was more on my head the next day! I was looking for a moisture retention technique anyway!

    • Yea the green house is a forsure way to get some moisture going, the only thing is you’ll end up needing to wash your hair sooner than normal, well I know that’s how it is for me if I do it more than 3x a week. And hmm inversion method? What is this? Lol I feel like I should know bout this

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