Forever Momo <3

Forever Momo ❤

Her Hairstory


Tell us a little about yourself

I’m about to be 21 this September and will be studying Graphic Design starting this Fall so I can start my career as a Photo Retoucher!

Name, Where you from? (city or state you reppin’)

My name is Momo and I’m from Virginia but have been a Military Brat all my life.

When & why did you decide to go natural/transition?

I started transitioning to natural hair my senior year of high school in 2011 because I’ve never really liked having straight hair to begin with, to be it was too plain and didn’t match my personality or style. But I mainly was fed up with having to deal with the two different textures and my hair being damaged.

Were there any negative or unexpected reactions regarding your decision?

There were a lot of negative comments from my family but I wasn’t doing it for anyone but myself so I never let anyone’s rude comments get to me and kept thinking about my goal and how healthier my hair would be once it was the way it was supposed to be again.

Did you big chop? If so, what was that like?

I’ve actually done the Big Chop twice! The first time was to have healthy hair again and it grew to 7 inches before I did my second big chop and that was because someone who braided my hair for a protective style braided it WAY too tight and ended up breaking the elasticity in my hair which means I had no curl pattern after I took the braids out. More info about what happened can be found on this link:

Hair care routine? Type? Starting length? Current length? Goal length?

For my routine I just wash my hair once a week, oil it everyday and do a protein treatment once a month. My starting length was 7 inches before I did my second big chop and now it’s almost 4 inches at the moment. As for my goal length I’d like it to get back to shoulder length first and then try to make it to bra strap length.

Favorite products?

My favorite product would have to be Shea Butter.

Go-to style?

The only style I ever do is Wash ‘n Goes, I’m too lazy to braid etc.

What was the most valuable thing you’ve learned while on your journey?

Not to give in to peer pressure or let peoples rude comments get to you, no one else’s opinion about your hair should matter but YOURS.

If you could do it all over again, would you? & what would you do differently?

I’ve already done a 2nd big chop LOL, but I’d never relax my hair again or wish I kept it that way because it just wasn’t for me. I love my hair how it is now and will never go back to the creamy crack.

Any words of advice for a new natural or transitioner?

Keep your hair moisturized and whatever you do DON’T turn into a Natural Nazi; those are the kind of people that give other natural’s a bad reputation.

Website or place to follow your journey?

ForeverAsia: Thank you so much Momo for sharing your story! Omg your website is soo cute! And sparkly!!! I love it haha. Double bow, on big chopping twice! I would have been extra legit pissed if someone broke ma damn curl pattern braiding too tight, I didn’t even know that could happen! O.O I completely agree with you on not turning into a Natural Nazi, we need to support and respect everyone’s decision/right to do what they please with their own hair. Thank you again! Bookmarked your website! xo

5 thoughts on “Forever Momo <3

  1. Thanks for the feature and complements, I work really hard on my blog so that means a lot! Also I forgot to say my texture is 3c/4a, LOL.

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