D.I.Y Coconut Hot Oil Treatment


A couple of days ago I came across a video by beautyklove on youtube showing how she does her D.I.Y coconut milk hot oil treatments.

Her hair is like, amazing, fantastic, awesome, beautiful. yea all those words lol.

So I thought Id give it a shot.

The Process.

*note: Her video makes it look so easy but trust me, if you’re using a whole brown coconut like I did, without the awesome little shredder tool she had, this shit is about to be HARD! x_x

coconutmilkdc 002

After watching her videos and seeing her hair I was ready to try it. Also I am getting kind of bored with my avocado & honey dc, I wanted to try something new. I went to vons and picked up this bad boy. Who would think this unsuspecting little thing would put up such a great fight and be the cause of many hours of agony.


The label states this is a pre scored coconut that is easier to open.

(-__-. pft yea right, that’s if you have super human extra strength or workout everyday. I dont even lift bro! q_q)

The directions start of by saying puncture the three pre exisiting eye holes with a dull knife. and drain the liquid. So I go get a dull knife and start trying to poke em. This ended up being nearly impossible so I let my bf have a go at it. He poked one but the rest ended up being just  way too hard. That’s when I got the bright idea to just go get the power drill.  Took me less than a minute to get through which made me super smh being that I just spent almost 30 minutes  trying to do it with a knife -__- lol.


Mr. Buffpants, while I’m over here Lil Miss Weenie Hut Jr.

I then let my bf take over again because I knew I was not breaking that. He smashed it then ripped it in half!

( I have video evidence. )

Now that he, I mean….. I finally got the damn thing open  😉 came the next step, get the white meat part separated from the hard brown outer shell. THIS IS THE HARDEST PART EVER. when you dont have the right tools of course,  I was armed with a butter knife.( I used a regular sharp knife before but the meat is just so hard I wasnt risking stabbing my fingers because it does slip, a lot. ) I pried my knife in between the shell and began rocking the blade back and forth. Slowly, painfully, but surely I got all the white out. This part took like a legit hour, the coconut put up quite a fight.

Oh and get this, even after opting for the safer butter knife, I ended up cutting myself anyway. Smh.


After getting all the stuff out next came the tedious task of grating all the chunks in to shreds. So I went and got the cheese grater.  My hands were beyond sore by this point, I think I grated for a total of 5 minutes before I was like ohgawddearlord no more! I then got the idea to just blend it in the blender. blendcc

I added enough water to kinda cover the chunks. Since I’ve never used coconut before I didn’t want to ruin my blender by trying to do it dry. I kinda wish I wouldnt have added water because it made it super watery and the cooking process took fooooorrreeevvvverrrrrr.  @_@ (so I dont advise adding water) Next time I do this I will be dry blending w/o water.

After everything was blended into a pulp, I got some cheese cloth and began to strain the liquid into a bowl.


The extra water from the blender made so much milk @-@

After squeezing every last drop from the shreds I was left over with dry coconut pulp. (Some say you can eat it and cook with it. Ate some it was meh, no flavor left in it really so I think I’m just going to use it in the garden as compost) I had to cook it for twice the time she said in her video to try and evaporate some of the water.

(Lowkey, I think I over cooked it, another reason why I don’t advise adding water.)

At the end of it mine came out watery and slightly chunky. I think I was starting to cook the milk until the oil came out, so my mix was a combination of overcooked coconut milk particles and the separated oil. (Had to re whip it with a whisk to get everything back blended well) I was so tired by the time I got to the application I had forgotten to add honey and another carrier oil to the mix smh.

My dry hair before the treatment.

My dry hair before the treatment.

After the treatment. Soft, fluffy, shiny, and awesome.

After the treatment. Soft, fluffy, shiny, and awesome.

I applied the mix on to my pre-washed and pre-detangled hair

Even after leaving out the honey and extra oil ANND over cooking it, it feels like it still worked. I added some conditioner after washing it out and that made it smooth and super easy to comb through with the tangle teezer. As you can see my hair is much shinier and smoother than the before photos.

What did I learn/Tips for next time:

Coconuts are hard as hell to work with.

Maybe I will see how it works with store bought coconut milk to make it easier.

Despite all the drama it took to get to the final product, it works really well on my hair & I like it a lot.

Will be adding this to my regimen but hopefully I can find a way to make the whole process easier.

I need one of those awesome coconut shredders she had q_q

Next time I’ll remember to add all the ingredients and see how that goes lol but overall it went well!


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