Split Ends

Haaayyy you guys 😀

I know I have been gone for a little bit but here’s what’s been going on with my hair, after doing my last dc I put my hair up in a bun. That over the course of like two days got really large and unmanageable. I wasn’t planning on using any heat on my hair for another two months but after trying to come up with something to do with it I said forget it and flat ironed. I figured I could do a search and destroy mission for split ends while it was straight.

Here are some of the splits I encountered.


(The faces lean toward the split I had, upright and in the middle means I had both. q_q )

Because I had such a grand variety of splits I did a .25 in trim to even out my layers. I am exxxxaaaacctllly mbl now and I don’t intend on trimming again hopefully, for another 6 months.

I also think I want to kinda lighten up on my haircare routine and flat iron once a month. I’ve been doing it for the past 3 months and haven’t seen any adverse effects on my hair. Plus I like seeing my length.

2 thoughts on “Split Ends

  1. When I have long hair, I have all the ends you in this photo! Ahahah! Now only some double, due to the heat and the iron, that I use everytimes I wash my hair (about every 4 days).

    • Yea same here. When I first started my hair journey I had not cut any of my splits for like 5 years so it was reaaaalllllyyyy bad. You just have to keep up with them as your hair grows. There’s no real way to have no split ends at all unless you’re bald lol

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