The Shine On Blog Award <3


The Shine On Blog Award


– Display the award logo on your blog
– Link the award back to the person who nominated by thanking them
– State 7 things about yourself
– Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award, and let them know they have been nominated

Hey you guys I was recently nominated for another award! Yippee!

I was nominated by the forever lovely Marilyn at Mammu Likes.  If you haven’t checked her Beauty Blog already I suggest you get on it asap! Its full of pretty pinkness, makeup, fashion and so much more!


You will be like this ^^^  and so stylish when you’re done! lol


Thank you again Mammu I really appreciate it!!! :’D ❤

got me feeling like:


Now, moving on to the 7 things about me.

I really am not good with these kinds of things Id rather have someone just ask me what they want to know directly haha but here I go.

1. I am an Illustration major, in my sophomore year of college.

2.  I one day hope to combine my passion for natural hair and my talents in art to create  positive african american or POC children’s books.

3. I used to be a skater, emo, rocker, metal head,  punk, goth,  anything weird, I probably did it. 🙂

4. I am uber lactose intolerant. ( I have adult onset lactose intolerance. ) Which means I cant eat my favorite things like   ice cream, cookies and milk, or cereals anymore. 😦 but sometimes I’m a bad girl and say THUGLIFE and eat it anyway.

I pay the price in toots and stomach aches v_v

5. My favorite ice cream, even though I shouldn’t have it, Carmela’s Salted Caramel. Its like someone made ice cream and Werther’s originals candies have a baby. It’s delicious.

6. I SUPER LOVE ANIMALS. Like so much I even go to my local animal shelter and hang out with them.

Because of this I have a bunch of animals now -__-

3 cats: Kali, Cosmo, Clara

2 dogs: Twinky & Dottie

7. Hmmm…what else. OH. YEA. Not to brag or anything, but I’m pretty much a Top Chef. lol

I can make any kind of food, any region, style, taste or whatever, I can do it. Possibly better. My favorite flavors/styles to cook with would have to be mexican, asian, and southern dishes.  I also like fusion cooking, mixing regions and their foods  that have nothing to do with each other like burrito egg rolls and stuff like that. Seafood Gumbo is my specialty though. I have a generational recipe passed down to me by my dad( and his mom and so forth) . If hair blogging and art don’t work out, I’ve always wanted to start a food truck.


1. Jesslan

2. Amirah B Free Spot




( he does awesome art )


7. ( makeup & beauty ❤ )




11. (nails! ❤ )



14 thoughts on “The Shine On Blog Award <3

  1. Hahhhhhahaa these GIF’s got me laughin’ hard! I can totally understand you still eat things you shouldn’t, it’s soooo hard to resist even if it means you’re gonna feel bad after! I’m not intolerant to nothing but there are things that give me a stomach ache or a headache after.

    I’ve got 3 dogs and 4 cats – high five! 😀

    I wish you good luck and many more awards in the future! xoxo

  2. I “#thuglife” a lot of things. hehe
    Your animals have the cutest names ! 🙂
    Thanks for the nomination, I’m totally honored!

  3. Thank you so much! I’ll do asap…when I finish my exams! I love your art (and you hair as well), I think you have to show as more pictures of your creations! Kisses

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