The Sunshine Blog Award <3

The Sunshine Award


Hey y’all I was nominated for yet another award by Patricia at


Thank you oh so very much Patricia I really appreciate it!

She runs a great beauty blog so I encourage you to pay her a visit!

Now, like most blogger awards, this award’s purpose is for readers and other bloggers to get to know you better. So, here are the questions I found on Fraquoh and Franchomme’s blog. – Patricia

( not really sure what the rules are to this award but here are the questions that came along with it and a few nominations. )

What is the default song you put on when you want to listen to something but don’t feel like choosing?

I listen to like everything so….

but I’m like really into Owl City, Zedd, Ellie Goulding,  and Daft Punk this month.

Ill give you my top 5 I’m likely to play  for June,

Owl City – Galaxies, Owl City – The Saltwater Room,  Zedd – Lost At Sea, Daft Punk – Doing It Right, Ellie Goulding – Starry  Eyed

these are like my favorite songs ever right now. ❤

What do you do when you’re uncomfortable in a social situation?

This depends on what the uncomfortable situation is, if its just like a boring ass party or something I usually bring my iPad wherever I go so I’ll just pull that out and play some Geometry Wars or something. If its like a super awkward extra uncomfortable situation, I do what most people do today and just pretend to text or just leave.

What subtly obnoxious behavior bothers you most in others?

Dishonest people who like lie straight to other peoples faces. That super bugs me, I have had situations where I already know whole story before hand and had someone ( family & friends ) come give me the shit-chopped up version of what they wanted me to believe. Also emotionally constipated people, homophobes, and people who find extreme violence, sexism & vulgarity funny.

What article of clothing do you own that you know is stupid but you really like anyway?

My giant grey and purple fuzzy aviator wolf beanie!!! I think its awesome and I love it haha.


Are you weighed down by your possessions or comforted by them?

“My possessions are my relationship with my family and my partner, and my values. I am comforted by these, as even in times of hardship, they always are the most valuable assets I possess. Materialistic possessions are temporary and the pleasure they give you is temporary, so I never consider them ‘actual’ possessions.” – Patricia

That was a great answer so I’ll leave that as mine too 😀

What writer would you like to believe writes in the style that you think in?


I’m not big on writers and authors so I have no idea. I do though, have an artist that I feel paints and draws the way I think, Audrey Kawasaki. She does amazing fantastic whimsical pieces that I can only dream of doing.

Is time alone liberating or depressing?

Recently I have found time alone to be downright awesome. It gives me time to take a second to just breathe and chill out. I find when I am alone I tend to draw more to pass the time.

Have you ever written a letter to someone and never given it to them?


What movie influenced you most, and was that influence psychological, aesthetic, or both?

Kumare! 😀

It’s a movie about a man who pretends to be a wise Indian Guru and goes to Arizona to build a following. Throughout the film he is hinting to them that he is not who he seems and that everyone has their own special powers, so much that they can be their own Guru. Like it may seem mean at first but he is really trying to show each and every person that they are and can be responsible for their own happiness and can achieve great things if they believe they can and trust in their authentic selves.  I feel like I am not giving a good description of what this movie is about so I urge you to check it out for yourself it’s really awesome.

Thank you again Patricia!



There are only going to be a few here due to many of you already having this award.

– 😀 Here’s to your second award! ❤

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