Forever Tai <3

Forever Tai ❤

Her Hairstory


Tell us a little about yourself

– My name is Tai (yes, like a bow tie), I’m 15 years old and I currently reside in Virginia!

When & why did you decide to go natural/transition?

– I got my last relaxer May 7, 2012. I had decided to transition from relaxed to natural hair because I wanted healthy hair. My hair wasn’t damaged from relaxers, but it was damaged from straightening it every single day. It had gotten to a point where it wouldn’t grow past my collarbones so I stopped using heat & it just made sense to stop relaxing my hair as well.

I was also curious to see what my natural hair looked like because I’ve never seen it before! I dreaded getting perms anyways, and I figured if there were to be a zombie apocalypse I wouldn’t be too focused on relaxing my hair, so it seemed like a good idea to just learn my hair in it’s natural form.


Were there any negative or unexpected reactions regarding your decision?

– When I first began to transition I got a lot of crap from girls at my school. They would say negative things about my hair as I was figuring out what styles/products worked and which ones didn’t. I could tell my parents weren’t really stoked about my decision either but they were still very supportive.

Did you big chop? If so, what was that like?

– Yes! I big chopped when I was about 13 months post relaxer. It was a very exciting and emotional experience because I’d never had extremely short hair before! I was scared on how I would look, but I just couldn’t deal with the different textures anymore.

Haircare routine? Type? Starting length? Current length? Goal length?

– I shampoo & do a protein treatment on my hair once a month, co-wash every day (unless I have a protective style in), and I moisturize my hair every single morning- dry or not (I would rather have over-moisturized hair than dry hair anyday!). The back of my hair is a 3c (maybe?), the middle of my hair is abnormally loose at a 3b-ish, and my front hair line is mainly 4a. Before my journey my hair was collar bone length and as of right now my hair is still collarbone length! So, I really didn’t lose any length, but my ultimate goal length is BSL.

Favorite products?

– Coconut oil & Shea butter are my must have products! They’re so versatile, I just adore it, and I love that they’re all natural and easy to buy in bulk. I don’t have to worry about what I’m putting in my hair or how it will react to it.

Go-to style?

– A high puff or two flat twists in the front with a ponytail. There are so many different ways to style updos and I just love accessorizing them with head wraps, bows, and scarves.


What was the most valuable thing you’ve learned while on your journey?

– I’ve finally learned how to love myself because of my journey. I always hid behind my bangs and hair when I was relaxed and now that I’m natural I have so much more confidence because there’s nothing to hide behind anymore! My face is also more exposed so I’ve learned to embrace my flaws, which I used to have a hard time doing. It’s also great knowing that nobody out there has hair like mine, it adds a lot of character to my look.

If you could do it all over again, would you? & what would you do differently?

– I would totally do it again! The only thing I would’ve done differently would’ve been to go back to natural a LOT sooner.

Any words of advice for a new natural or transitioner?

– Be patient and embrace yourself!! Love your hair regardless of it’s texture, shape, length, or whatever. Everybody is different and that’s what makes you unique!

Website or place to follow your journey?

Forever Asia: First off, Thank you so much Tai for sharing your story! You are our youngest Forever Feature! 😀 (as far as I know lol) I’m really glad you shared your story because you can inspire other young girls to go natural as well. YOUR CURLS ARE UHHHMAZING! @_@ *sooo shiny* I love your hair lol. Sorry to hear about your experience at school, there’s no point in paying attention to the negativity because you made a great decision for you and no one else & your curls are freaking fantastic so a big #SWERVE to the haters 😀

thank you very much again, and best of luck on your hair journey! – xoxo

One thought on “Forever Tai <3

  1. Thanks so much for the feature! 🙂 I hope I inspire other teens to return natural as well! I think every girl should at least try to go natural once in their life. Especially girls like the ones that go to my school and maybe they’ll understand the transitioning/natural hair struggles lol.

    Thanks again ❤ 😀

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