Swiggityswagg Amazon “Curlformers” Are Rad!!!

So a couple of days ago I told you guys I had purchased some off brand Curlformers from Amazon. The original Curlformer brand costs 70$ for 40 which is wayyyyy too much in my book, so I did some digging and found some that are just as good as those for $18 for 40!!!

Can you say YAASSSS!!!?

After reading the reviews I was set on coppin’ me some. Some people said that they had issues with their lil stick thing breaking and the clips on the end of the curl formers breaking but I had none of these issues and I was being super rough with mine. (At one point I did almost break my stick though, being impatient and bending it too far on my knee lol luckily I didn’t. )

I ordered them and learned they were being shipped from china. Shipping was like 5 bucks or some ish but whatever, it was better than $70 + shipping. X___X


It took about 2 weeks to come but I couldn’t be happier. Everything was as it said and all accounted for. I wanted to get started right away but I had JUST finished my wash day and braided my hair up. -__- I had to wait. That lasted a few days before I just couldn’t wait any longer and had to try them out. When I was researching how to use them I saw most people applied them on freshly washed, still damp hair. So I had to wash my hair…again. I started off by detangling and sectioning my hair into about 16 small braids, then I coated each braid with Aussie Moist conditioner and let it sit for like 5 minutes since my hair was already deep conditioned and washed from the other day. I then thoroughly rinsed each braid, t-shirt dried, and got to work!

Ok so, all the (white)videos I’ve watched said to “keep the hook facing upward” after you take a section of hair and twist it, so while I was trying to do this I ripped and broke a SHITTON OF HAIRS. I was so effing mad, lowkey cried a little. So after I had already had them halfway installed I go watch a video of Naptural85 and how she does it,


She kept the hook facing down and then slid on the curlformers which made for an easier process and less broken hairs. (I tried her way after and it worked like a charm, notes for next time.)

I used East African Shea butter, Eco styler gel with argon, vitamin E oil, and Brazilian Tech leave in treatment to set them. I will be honest and say these were a bit tricky to put in and you can totally rip the shit out of your hair if you do it wrong. Like I did, n00b mistake smh.


 But once I got a flow going (and saw naptural’s video) everything was fine. But after I take these down I WILL NOT be using a comb or my tangle teezer for a while, probably like once a month because I am losing way to many hairs for comfort. Q_Q

Ill just say it, these were god awful to sleep in. Same level of discomfort as flexi rods. (which suck ass along with roller sets, because I can never get them right.) I will never go back to attempting with flexi rods or roller sets again now that i have these.

When putting them in I noticed some parts, like the back, of my hair was too long for the formers so I’ll probably have to buy some longer ones, 50cm isn’t enuffff!!!

It took about 3hours to put them in because I’m still a noob. v_v


Morning face was not cute. Meow.

After a crappy Advil PM induced slumber, I woke up bright and early (6am to be exact -_-) to take these mofos dowwwn….and to my surprise I was left with beautiful curls!!! They were so soft and bouncy I almost didn’t want to fluff and separate them, but I had to because I felt like I had a small head and wanted bigger hair lol.


After separating and re twirling each curl I was left with this!

I love it!

Can you tell? 🙂

I like this one so much better than my straw set! One because the curls from the straw set were super small which lead to super shrinkage and super tangles and two, it’s a way less tedious process.

I think this turned out great for my first try and just in time for the festivities today!

Thanks for reading and Happy 4th everyone!!!


11 thoughts on “Swiggityswagg Amazon “Curlformers” Are Rad!!!

  1. Turned out great!!! I love it!!! I’ve read some mixed reviews about these curlers and so I was leery of buying them. I have been going back and forth about whether I was going to buy Curlformers. I just may give it a try.

  2. It came out so pretty! Im going to have to order some of these, because like you said the real ones are too damn expensive for me!

    • Thank you! And I know right, I’m not one who’s big on brands and labels, if it works it works. It’s not like I’m going to be wearing the curlers themselves anywhere lol.

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