Forever Lynnquell <3

Forever Lynnquell ❤

Her Hairstory


Hi, my name is Lynnquell Gardiner and I’m from Grand Bahama, The Bahamas. Island gal over hereee, lol. So..I went natural because I was fed up with the constant chemical manipulation I had to do just to keep my hair straight. i.e. relax + constant use of the flat iron. It was annoying, not to mention I’m a beach bum so it was pretty limiting too. I really wanted to get in touch with my roots since I really had no memory of what my hair was like before my mom decided to relax it. I attempted the natural journey several times throughout high school and also in my freshman year of college but I successfully went for it June of last year when I vowed to have my very last relaxer. The reactions I got were totally foreseen, I knew I would be bashed for going natural. Most people would complain that they could never do it.. question why I was doing it and why I would wanna cut my long hair. blah blah blah. From family to some of my friends, it all got so annoying; I really couldn’t be bothered. I learned to just tune them out.


Lol I was terrified of big chopping since I was so accustomed to lengthy hair so I opted not to.

I’m still currently working on a hair care routine. But what I’ve gotten in the habit of doing is spritzing my hair every morning and every evening with a water and oil (sometimes conditioner) homemade spritz. I DC once a month, and cowash about once a week, using shampoo only once a month when washing my hair to remove build up. I’m convinced my hair is a 4b/4c hair type but I’m really not sure. My current length is 6 inches and I really wanna have bra strap length hair one day *crosses fingers*

My favorite product so far has to be ecostyler’s olive oil gel. It’s perfect when attempting my faux puff which is my go to style when I’m wearing my fro. Otherwise, it’s usually in a protective style.


If it’s one thing this journey has taught me was to never mind what others say and just remain steadfast on what I’m after and to embrace my hair as it is. At the end of the day I’ll be the one who has to deal with it (sometimes my mom, lol). If I could I would have probably went natural a long time ago. As a matter of fact, I wish my mom had never relaxed my hair to begin with.


If you’re transitioning, don’t create expectations of what you want your hair to be like, instead embrace it with all the kinks, curls, and coils it may come with. You wont regret it!


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Forever Asia: Thank you so much Lynnquell for sharing your story!


( haha sorry I had to )

I must say your story is so much similar to mine, I too had no idea what my natural hair looked like and  wish my mom never relaxed my hair to begin with. -_-  now I am too much of a wuss to big chop because I’m so attached to my length. I would say I have about 6 inches of natural texture and the rest textlaxed to relaxed, I think Ill big chop when I’m at bsl with the natural texture, so you could say we are pretty much at the same place in our hair journey lol.  I love your curls and your outlook on everything since going natural! Good luck on the rest of your journey, & trust you’ll be at bsl in no time! Thank you again ❤

2 thoughts on “Forever Lynnquell <3

  1. thanks so much for the feature, this is my first ever! lol, i feel like i’m tapping into the natural hair community out there.
    lol i’m enjoying your blog already, i be crackin up non stop; your personality shows so much through your posts.

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