Wedding Time!!!

Hey guys its been a little while, hope everyone is doing well. 🙂

This past week has been an eventful one to say the least. Yesterday my dad got married!!! Woot woot which doesn’t really seem like a big deal but if you knew my dad you’d be wooting too. (Waited till he was 50 to finalllllyyy do it. Lol)

I had to get all fancy and wear a dress. Blah. I decided to flat iron my hair for this event which ended up taking about seven hours. Yes. Seven hours to straighten all my mbl hair the right way lol. I am waist length with my longest layers but I’m going to wait a little while longer before I officially claim that title lol.



Here’s a few pics of the ceremony and reception. I wish I had more but my phone died before the night was over. 😦


Aww arnt they so cute!?

My father and his beautiful bride. ❤ I’m so freaking happy for them 😀


The cake was BEAUTIFUL and tasted soooo good. Red velvet and white chocolate cream with whipped cream frosting. Like wow. Couldn’t take a pic of my slice because my phone died. 😦


The church before they arrived.


They said, ” I DO!!! ” yay 😀 ❤

Now to the reception!


When I walked in I was greeted by this fantastic diamond filled room, as I ventured further, amazing chandeliers!

The reception place was really nice, Royal Palace in Glendale. the entrance (white parts) was really dope, it had diamonds in the walls. Bling. O_O The inside was really amazing, there was food everywhere and the lighting was awesome, the colors changed all night, and of course the DJ was bumpin. you know, black weddings 🙂 there was so much food and servers everywhere it was really nice my dad went all out. The chandeliers were amazing omg.


The walls constantly changed colors, so beautiful.


The dance floor was crackin haha. DJ’s were great, I think I’m slightly deaf though now…


The bride and grooms sitting area was the


The tables were FULL of food, they also had a beautiful fruit bar that I couldn’t get pics of because of the battery, you can see the quality of the pics going down as my phone dies slowly lol.

See the resemblance?


I’m so happy/proud/excited for my daddy!

( haha peep the glitter on his face.)

My hair was THRU by this point and started Lion Kinging out on me :/


The Daddy of the Mack Daddy right here, My Granddad 🙂 ❤

The bride and groom got to drive home in this sweet ass ride,


Rolls-Royce Phantom Ghost.


So that was my day yesterday, along with spending 5 hours in JcPenny before the wedding even started looking for something to wear O_O I was cutting it close but I somehow managed to pull it off and nothing could be better than the appreciation and reaction of the bride when she saw me. She knows I’m not comfortable wearing dresses and heels n stuff lol. I think I did good getting a “You look soo pretty” from the bride as shes walking down the aisle on HER big day. (She looked better, OF COURSE ) Haha I also had my grandmama cussing in church, I believe her words were,

” Go on wit cho badass! Ooops! ” haha xD

Needless to say the night was full of endless smiles, laughs, and lots of love. Got to see so many relatives I haven’t seen since I was a wee baby gurll. I had a blast and wish this happy couple nothing but the best in their days to come

Welcome to the family Shawnie ❤

Thank you for straightening up that old man 🙂

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