Length Check 7.27.13


So since I already had my hair straight I went on and took a length check photo.

I had just had it in a bun which is why it’s a little wavy.

( also this is on two day old, wedding partied out hair, its kinda puffy near the roots. )

I’ve marked off where my waist is and as you can see I am baaaaarrrllleeeyyy there lol 😀

You can also clearly see my layers, the shortest are my bangs that I pushed to the back.

I think it will be about a month before I am fully waist length.


( I must mention I did get a little scissor happy  this time around, I trimmed way more than I should.)

5 thoughts on “Length Check 7.27.13

    • Thank you very much! I would love to do a feature but I seem to be having a little bit of trouble emailing you guys. When I click the link it takes me to an error page. It’d be awesome if you guys could shoot me an email.

      My email is


      I’d love to get started 🙂

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