Forever Reya <3

Forever Reya ❤

Her Hairstory


20130814-144519.jpgMy name is Reya, I’m 18 and I’m from Bronx, New York but living in Orlando, Florida now.
I went natural because I was bored lol, literally me and my mom was on YouTube and just watching random things and saw a bunch of people who were natural and decided to try it.
When I first went natural people always asked me if I cut my hair (because of the shrinkage), or they would say you should have stuck to your hair being straight. All I wanted to say was “leave me alone” but I usually said “well thanks” and kept it moving. But regardless I loved my curls so I didn’t care what anybody said.
I didn’t do the big chop, I was so self conscious on what I would look like with a bald head. So I tranitioned for a year and half then chopped it off when I was comfortable with the length. Right now I’m fully natural with heat damage in the front from a partial weave I put it.20130814-144525.jpg
I don’t know what type of hair I have I don’t really care for hair typing because I love my curls for what they are. My goal is to get hip waist but that will take so many years lol. Right now I am an inch from bra length but I get so much shrinkage you would never know. My favorite products right now (I say right now because I am becoming a product junkie.) Is eco styler argan oil gel and cantu shea butter leave in. My go to style when I first started was braidouts. Now I love my wash and gos because I love big hair.

The most valuable thing I learned was to be patient with your hair because if you are not you will be disappointed. I wouldnt want to do it all over again because I love my length but if I did I would put full weaves in not partial. Last advice for natural people is be patient and love who you are and the curls you have.


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Forever Asia: Thank you so much Reya for sharing your story! I have to say this is the first time Ive heard someone say they went natural out of boredom lol. Your hair is awesome keep up the good work! HHJ 🙂

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