Forever Annette <3

Forever Annette ❤

Her Hairstory


Asia: Loving that lip color o_o

Hello my name is Annette B.
I’m from NC but currently reside in NJ for the last 12 years

When & why did you decide to go natural/transition?

I transitioned back in 2008 but it wasn’t on purpose. It pretty much took place when new management took over at my then job & I barely had time for myself I either had to work extra hours or be on call. I had very little time to follow through on a long process of relaxing my hair. Also with my last relaxer some of the relaxer dropped into my toilet seat & with me not cleaning it up right away it burned layers off the seat & after seeing that I was done. & when I discovered I could get the same results blow drying & flat ironing with out a relaxer I was convinced NO MORE RELAXERS for me.

Asia: Omg I am loving your hair <3

Asia: Omg I am loving your hair ❤

Were there any negative or unexpected reactions regarding your decision?


Yes for a couple years cause I only knew the maintenance of relaxed hair. It was a struggle for me dealing with my afro textured hair & it not being straight & in my head “the easiest way”. With watching tons of Youtube video I became a product junkie & became furious when nothing was working for my hair.

Did you BIG CHOP? If so what was that like?

No I didn’t big chop but now looking back (because I often times adore short hair) I wish I did big chop into a funky hair cut. Instead I transitioned which was also a struggle because my wash & go’s was crazy looking with the two textures.

Hair Care routines?

Summertime: I shampoo “sufate free” more often due to my wash & go’s, detangle with conditioner. & to style I use gel, leave in conditioner, & coconut oil.
Wintertime: mostly co-wash, water based moisturizer, coconut oil & always deep Condition/ no combs or brushes/ finger detangle & smoothing, here & there protein treatments. For my deep conditioning I now seal with my hot oil treatments & rinse with cold water & doing so leaves my hair Shiney & healthy.

3a/b maybe/ define curls in the back & frizzy looser curls on top.


Starting length?

Top of shoulders

Current length?

past mid back

Goal length?

Hip length

Favorite Products?

Creme of Nature, Paul Mitchell-The Conditioner, coconut oil, Eco Styler Gel, a thick to medium consistency water based moisturizer.

Go-to style?
Ponytails with hair accessories, buns & chunky twist up-do’s

What was the most valuable thing you’ve learned while on your journey?

1. be patient

2. nothing makes your hair grow it’s all about maintenance

3. what works for another person’s hair might not work for your own hair

4. understand & find out what works for your hair.

If you could do it all over again, would you? & what would you do differently?

Yes! I would have definitely had a couple funky hair cuts maybe even added some purples & blues to my hair & I would have researched & understood what my hair needs opposed from trying what everyone else was doing & I would have saved a lot more money not being a product junkie.

Any words of advice for a new natural or transitioner? patient
2. learn your hair
3. have fun with your hair
4. Stop over thinking it
5. Never compare your hair to another


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Forever Asia: Thank youuuuu so much Annette for sharing your amazing curls and wonderful story! That’s super cray that you got to see the relaxer practically melt your toilet seat! O.O Relaxers are nothing but extremely harsh and damaging chemicals, you made the best decision ever for your hair and health. Ok so umm like, I LOVE YOUR HAIR. There. I said it. Your curls are sooo soo shiney and lush! and it straightened?!  It’s so


fantastically beautiful! 

I hope one day I can be fully natural and be at waist length like you ahh lol

having two textures does suck.

Thanks again!


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