Oh Lawdd It’s Been Too Long, I Missed Y’all.

Hello hello! It’s been a little bit since my last post, hope everyone is doing just fab!


     These past few weeks have been crazy hectic for me.  A friend of mine had asked me if I could make the cake for her baby’s first birthday, so I said yes and took on the title of baker for a couple weeks. During this time I was not really doing much to my hair. I co-washed and put it in a bun most of the time so I could focus on the cake.

So for her adorable little person’s birthday we decided to go with a strawberry cake with strawberry filling, and for the frosting I made a strawberry, vanilla, cream cheese, and whipped cream fluff for the cupcakes, and for the cake I went with a marshmallow fondant with the cream  fluff underneath.

All from scratch might I add. All real strawberries. And I also made all the cupcake decorations by hand.


She wanted a kisses and crowns theme with the colors silver, black, and pink. At first I was like Ohmygawd nooo not black!!! Because I heard black food coloring can be bitter and I’ve used it like maybe once. ever. and it didn’t turn out too good. (also because I hadn’t baked someone a legit birthday cake in almost 5 years & that scared me o.o ) I found some Wilton black frosting that tasted delish so that panic was short lived.

The week proceeding the big day was insane. I ate a ridiculous amount of cake in the form of multiple “test cakes”, by the time the day came I didn’t even want to see another cupcake. That lasted for about an hour after she picked them up and I was like, ” man, I really want a cupcake now. ” haha.

I also made an 8in round cake for the baby to have all to herself. I decorated it with black Wilton frosting, Wilton edible sugar paper around the edges and top, all after I sprayed on a base coat of Wilton silver color mist. The color mist was super awesome, it had a great silvery color and sprayed nice and clean like spray paint and didn’t leave any streaks or unpleasant taste. The paper on the other hand, even being applied to fondant began to warp and sag a little in some places. Not cool.

I started baking everything at 3pm the day before the party and didn’t finish up until 2:30 the next morning. After that I went to bed for a little, woke up at 5am and went back to decorating. Everything was completely done by 12pm. x___x Needless to say, I was BEYOND TIRED. but I still managed to make it to her party for a little and complete an essay I had due the next day. Ugh.

This was one of the most nerve racking and time consuming projects I had done in a long while, but I must say it was really fun and yum the whole way through. The client along with the party goers ended up loving the cake and cupcakes! I was so relieved and happy I could help with such a special day for her and her wee baby.



During our time apart I also tried doing a Bantu knot out right after a co-wash. It did not turn out as hoped lol. While I was taking them down I noticed some spots weren’t completely dry but I had an hour until class so I said F it and kept going. After taking them all down I felt like it wasn’t dry or big enough so I grabbed my blow dryer and went at the roots. That only succeeded in making my hair large and lose all curl definition. Now I had to deal with this large, semi-curled, mess. I finally just went with two puff ponies and smoothed down the front. I had a bunch of spots with zero definition so I used Eco styler gel and some curlformers in that area to help fix it.


I ended up with this!


Last Wednesday I flat ironed my hair because it was ridiculously tangled from bunning and I couldn’t do another week like that. I also did a much needed trim and cut my split ends. I feel like I lost a crazy amount of hair from tangles and am seriously contemplating twisting up for the rest of this semester but then I have the want for straight hair on my birthday which is coming up October 20th. I’m torn x.x

Oh and… Here’s some selfies yo! Just in case you missed me 🙂


Thx for reading xoxo

– Asia ❤

5 thoughts on “Oh Lawdd It’s Been Too Long, I Missed Y’all.

  1. Those cupcakes and the cake looks delicious! You make me really want to try my hand at baking!
    And yes the bantu knots will always be a no go if they aren’t dry completely. I learned that lesson too. It would be better to spritz it with a heat protectant and sit up under the dryer for a bit, than to take it down and think that it will behave…because it won’t lol but your ponytail alternative seems cute though!

    • Thank you very much! & you totally should its really fun. and yessss I had to learn the hard way lol. But I will most def give that a try next time thx for the tip 🙂

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