Bleached A Bit of Hair

Hello lovelies 😀

Well it’s been a little while since I’ve made a legit post here so I might as well.

This month has been pretty much like last month with my hair, which is booooorrrrinnngggg. Aside from the too heavy senegalese twist fiasco again I haven’t really been doing much to my hair. I feel like I’ve been super slacking and for some strange reason I have been getting the strongest urges to cut the relaxed ends off and just go completely natural. (But I think I am just going to hold off on that for a while longer.)

Now, since I already plan on cutting a significant portion of my hair (relaxed ends) in the future I wanted to do some color or lightening with peroxide and baking soda. I know that combo sounds super harsh and super drying (which I’m sure it is) but I think I will just take the risk and see how it goes. Last night I did a little experiment with some shed hairs that were trapped in my tangle teezer. I wanted to see how light I could get my hair and for how long, so I split the hair in to four sections. One part was to be my control ball and had nothing done to it, the next was straight 3% peroxide soaked for 2minutes and left to dry over night, the third was 50% water and 50% peroxide also soaked for 2minutes and left to dry. Now the third I wanted to see what would happen if I used the harshest method, which was baking soda and straight peroxide and I left the hair in the liquid overnight.


The straight peroxide one lightened I’d say about two shades. My hair is already a reddish brown (even though it looks black in the picture) so when it lightened it left more of the red. The 50/50 mix lightened one shade. It was still relatively dark and almost still the same color. Finally the most extreme one came out really cool. It was a coppery reddish brown color and didn’t feel dry or brittle in any way even after being soaked all night. This was super good news for me since I’ve had some horrific experiences with traditional hair bleach. This method seems less damaging. After I finished lightening, (a section or the whole thing, I’m not sure yet) I planned on going over the whole thing with a deep red henna.

Today I went from this to this.


It took a little while and I am finding that braiding or just detangling my hair, new growth especially, has been becoming a paiiiiiinnnnnnnnn. It’s so much thicker than the rest of my hair and it doesn’t help when the relaxed bits just loooove to tangle around themselves 😐

I just ordered a off brand “crea clip” from amazon for about 7 bucks. (Instead of 29.99) hopefully when that comes I will be brave enough to do a significant cut. Maybe not a big chop but definitely get rid of at least a quarter of these relaxed parts.

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