Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas Followers! (Henna & Haircut Update.)

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas Followers!


My tree 😀 Ahhhh I LOVE Christmas trees!

Sorry I’ve been away for so long, I just finished up my fall semester and boy I am sooooo happy. This semester was t-e-d-i-o-u-s! But enough of that because I’m here now babies 🙂

At least until the next semester ugh. Lol.


I had been doing a bunch with my flat ironed hair while I was away. I told you guys a while ago I bought a off brand crea-clip from amazon, well I trimmed, I should say cut, about 2-3 inches off of the very ends. Pretty much the really pointy part of my already V-shaped hair. You guys also know how in my last few posts I had bleached the ends of my hair with peroxide and baking soda and said every thing was good and it didn’t feel dry after riggghhhttt?

Wellllll Pfffffffffffffffffffftttttt!!!

Like after two weeks I noticed my ends were hella dry and had major split ends. I did not want to have any crazy setbacks so I cut them.


Awesome brown color I’m talking about here ^

My hair still reaches the very top of waist-length so I am pretty happy about that while I also got to cut a bit more of the relaxed ends off yay. I also decided to leave behind the awesome brown color I had achieved with the peroxide and just do a henna treatment.


The henna I used was from mehandi.com, and is called Rajahasthani Monsoon.

Cost: $7.00 per 100 gram batch.

The website description reads:

“Ancient Sunrise® Rajasthani Monsoon, batch #051713hC: this henna is independently certified to have 1.4% lawsone content, and to be absolutely free of pesticides and lead. Rajasthani Monsoon has a very smooth, creamy sift, and has rich rose undertones. It’s easy to get into your hair, and easy to wash out of your hair. If you have delicate hair, and want to blend away gray, this henna may be the one for you!”

I ended up purchasing two and also picked up a packet of rainwash ($3.00) and citric acid ($1.50).The rainwash packet is supposed to remove any hard water build up that may have been on the hair that could potentially interfere with the henna stain resulting in some nasty colors like swamp green or black. The citric acid is used to enhance the effectiveness of the hennas stain if you are only using water and not already mixing it with lemon juice or another acidic liquid.


(Keep it G, because I bought two packets of henna and only one packet of citric acid, don’t ask me why lol, but I ended up using lemon juice and the packet with water and it turned out fine. #thuglife )

Their site also states,

“100g will dye short hair.

200g will dye collar length straight hair.

300g will dye shoulder length straight hair.

500g will dye waist length hair. “

My hair is like neck/shoulder length with shrinkage but mid-back/waist-length when flat ironed. I ended up using 200 grams and allllmost ran out but that was my own fault because I was being heavy handed at first haha. I guess shrinkage is a good thing sometimes 🙂


I only purchase my henna from this site and have never had any issues. I love love love that they have all their hennas independently lab tested to assure purity and quality. I think I’ve used henna a total of three times now? And when I do I usually get their red henna for hair kit. I found that one turns my (already weird red brown) hair a bright reddish brown with brassy orangy-red highlights. :/ That was ok for a bit, but I wanted to try something new and a bit darker so I went with the Monsoon this time.

When I lightened the ends it turned my hair a ahhmazzing brownish color that somehow got red tips in the light. Weird I know, in some pics they’re red, in some they’re brown eh. :/

peep below:


Brown ends on the top row. Red ends on the bottom. All BEFORE henna. Weird.

( These are all photos BEFORE the henna treatment.)

Afttterrrrrr I did the henna, my super dope brown tips are all gone and replaced with a deep wine burgundy from what I can tell with indoor lighting. I’ll make another post later with the results and some product reviews on some heat protectants I grabbed at Sally’s.

Till then, 

much love 



– xoxo Asia

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