Wash Day 3.8.14


Twists after detangling.

Wash Day 3.8.14

Hello lovelies,  Its been a bit. 🙂

This wash day I decided to do a protein treatment as well.  I haven’t really been doing anything too exciting with my hair since my last post. I’m back in school so that means back to boring old buns. 😐

I detangled first with some plain ol’ water and whatever conditioner I could find and my tangle teezer. So I tried to think I was cute and decided to wear a puff pony last week and completely regret it. Had a huge ass puff, was extra cute, BUT my hair was soo damn tangled after smh.  -__- I lost more hair than I would have wanted in this detangling session due to hella broken strands and tangles.

aphogeeNow adding a protein treatment to my wash day means adding extra steps to my routine. First I have to detangle and section my hair. Next, wash with aphogee shampoo for damaged hair without adding conditioner after because that would kill the effect of the next step, the protein part.  This part is the most annoying, tedious, and sticky. I try to do my best to make the process the least messy as possible but that never lasts too long. First get a fine misting spray bottle and fill it a tiny bit of the way up with the 2-step protein treatment. ( I fill as I go so I don’t end up wasting any.)  Then I take a twist from the back, make sure all the hairs are going in the same direction, spray till fully covered and run the tangle teezer through. Then I blow dry it until its all hard. This part is where things get annoying, holding the hair taught while blow drying makes your hands sticky hair ripping tools of death, I broke too many hairs for my liking… So much I just started washing my hands like a mad woman in between every touch and section. Sad I know. Anyway lol, I do this for each section and find that it results in less broken and matted hair when I have to go wash it out in comparison to just combing it all through at once and drying after. This way,  I can kinda re-find all the sections and not end up with extra unneeded tangles x_x.

photo (90)

Old Photo, but this is pretty much how it goes. Step 1: Detangle. Step 2: Shampoo, NO Conditioner. Step 3: Add Protein Treatment, detangle some more and blow dry till hard. Step 4: Rise out and condition with balancing conditioner. (Thank GAWD). Step 5: Deep Condition Again or Deal with strong poofy awesomeness.

After I didn’t know what to do with my hair yet, I had planned on straightening it but got tired after blowing it all out x_x.  So I just two strand twisted each blown section. Ill prob straighten today. In this photo you can see just how bad my shrinkage is in the first one. The left side is blown out while the right side was braided while wet in the shower.


1st pic: Left side -Stretched Right Side – Unstretched.

When I flat iron it today I’ll post some pics.


Thx for readin’

– Asia

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