Oooh New Thingys :)

Hello hello!

I’m going to just get right into this post,

I had been running really low on conditioners for detangling and because my hair is getting longer I’m starting to need more and more so I went into cheapythecheapskate mode and got these four from the 99cent store. They also, surprisingly, had rat tailed combs there in three packs so I grabbed one. They came in 2 color packs,  one with gold, silver and black  and the other with pink, purple, and lime green. I got the colorful pack since I’m always dropping or losing them, hopefully their brightness will make em’ easier to find.20140411-174920.jpg

They also had some no tangle elastic hair ties, kinda like rubber bands but not as damaging, these things will break and pop off before tangling your hair. kind of a good and bad thing, but 500 for 99cent? I ain’t eeeven worried haha. And last, I got a pack of bobby pins because I lose those at a rate of like 3-5 a day smh.


Next I gots me a new flat iron!


I went to Sally’s and picked up the GVP Ionic digital ceramic 1″ Styling Iron for 59.99 *super side eye* I normally would never spend this much on a hair tool but I figured I’ll take the risk because the results and reviews were soo good and I can always return it, holllaa!

I did a bunch of research looking for a flat iron that would get my hair reeeally straight for my upcoming graduation. Oh yea, Im graduating college yall, yayYay! Anyway, I mean my flat iron I have now I got from target is ok, but my hair does not last at all or feel entirely straight when I try straightening with it. So after video after video, forum after forum, I found a product that looked like it would do exactly what I wanted. They say this thing is compared to a Chi, which is supposed to be a really good and expensive ass flat iron (which I was not trying to buy). I’ve never owned a Chi but I hear  many vloggers and bloggers constantly ranting and raving about how good it is. Now when I read a woman’s review claiming this product was even better than her Chi!? I was like oooooklemmeseee!

This is the video that sealed the deal for me:

With my purchase from Sallys, I got this free tote that’s super cute and super teal, my favorite color!



The inside has this nice pretty pattern ooo, just in time for summer! Good lookin out Sallys!

I will be trying out the new flat iron soon after I do a mini trimming of my ends and possibly a henna treatment, so stay tuned 🙂

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