The GVP Hair Adventures and Pin Curls!

So this is going to be pretty much more of a picture post than a regular post. So a little while ago I told you guys that I had just purchased the GVP flat iron from Sally’s, well I went ahead and deep conditioned then flat ironed my hair with it a few days ago and here are the results!


Before hand I detangled, deep conditioned overnight, conditioned again in the shower, and then shampooed last making sure to keep all the hairs in each section going in the same direction.

The reason I washed last was, I watched a few YouTube videos and I was looking for a way to get my hair really straight and flowy without it feeling too heavy, well a youtuber who’s name slips me at the moment, stated that she does her conditioning first THEN shampoos in order to prevent buildup on her strands from the conditioner before she flat irons, and that made sense to me so I thought I’d give it a try. After, I air dried for about 20-30 minutes then dried a little more with a t-shirt before finally using the comb attachment and blow dryer on low heat.


I saw another youtuber with the most silky flowing locs everr flat iron her hair but the crazy thing was, she used NO heat protection at all and flat irons at 450!!! Her hair came out sooooo silky! I was shocked to say the least! Like wuuuttt no way how are you not damaging your hair!?

So I decided to see for myself, I did little test on the back of my head (just in case something went horribly wrong no one would be able to see it lol.) I sprayed some heat protectant on one side of my hair and straightened it, went ahead and did the other side but left it unprotected/naked at 430. I crossed my fingers and hoped to gawd I wasn’t about to regret this decision but surprisingly I didn’t. The heat protected side was off, it just felt different. It was a tad rough to the touch, felt and looked a little stiff, and got tangled while running my fingers through. The unprotected side was amazing, I could slide my fingers straight through, no snags and had crrraazyy flow, the tiniest gust of wind had my hair alllll over the place lol, so much movement. I couldn’t believe it. “Apparently” the deep conditioning before hand helps to add moisture to the hair and protect from damage so you don’t really need a heat protectant when you DC properly before hand but I can’t say thats true definitely yet because I haven’t washed my hair yet to see if my curls come back unharmed. We’ll see. Lol



After I finished I wore it straight for few hours before it started getting puffy from me swaying and swanging’ it so much I just went ahead and pin curled it.

I must say though, my hair was unbelievably silky and flowed so majestically in the wind.


Day One Pin Curl

I did five to six curls total and slept with them overnight. I couldn’t find my satin scarf so I put my satin bonnet on and tied a regular cotton bandana over that to keep them intact.





Day Two Pin Curl


20140419-103336.jpgAnd there you have it, my large pin curls turned into some pretty amazing waves throughout the day. I did not comb the curls out because my hair would just get all poofy. This is starting to look like the only way I can be able to maintain my straight hair because since I can not wrap to save my life, cross wrapping and circle wrapping are out of the question!

Have any of you used the GVP? If so Id love to hear about it in the comments below!

xoxo- Asia

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