The Beach VS My Curls, Who Will Win?!

 Hellohello lovelies,

This is kinda a late post from 4th of July *cringe* Sorry haha

Well this day I was going to the beach with some family so I thought that I should put in some curls instead of trying to flat iron or anything like that because it would instantly frizz, so I spent the night before completing the tedious task of  of installing my curlformers until 12am, where I soon after laid down and attempted to get some sleep.


(After an extreme crap night of attempted sleep…)

Everything was going great! The take down was smooth, everything was awesome and my curls were coming out beautifully.1I used Garnier Fructis Style: Fiber Gum Putty (worse choice ever, made my hair sticky and all kinds of tacky even when wet, WILL NOT USE AGAIN.), Aloe vera juice, vo5 conditioner, and vitamin e oil on each section before applying the curlformer.

When I knew they were all dry the next morning I began separating in the back …


Here you can see just what a difference in volume separating and fluffing has given me on the right compared to the tight ringlets on the left that haven’t been done yet.


After a half hour of gentle separating,


It was so freaking amazing! I instantly fell in love!!!

They were so bouncy, shiny, and defined! I was ready to be cute as fuh at the beach lol.

Now in the back of my mind I knew they probably would get a little frizzy from the air while I was there and I was ok with that but nothing could prepare me for just how bad it was ganna get…

Now when I got there I was fly as shit, I aint’ eeeven gonna lie, but babbbyyy, as soon as that wind started kickin up and I started on that 45minute walk from my car to the beach since there was virtually NO parking whatsoever, my hair went kaaa-put. It started frizzing like nooobody’s business and having two textures while this was going down just made it look even worse.



It was kinda holding on while I was there,

(what am I saying, this mess is nothing but poofiness lol. )4

When I got home it was…


lost all definition lol

I could not and did not feel like trying to save this hot mess so I just detangled and put it back in a bun. So there you have it, I had some poppin’ ass curls for about 6 hours. The time spent putting them in and trying to sleep was an utter and thorough waste.



The beach won. I stood no chance. Foolish noob mistake, I should have known better lol. 


(Hair got evennn worse on the 45 minute walk back to the car v_v )

Well, you live and you learn right? I know I will not ever be trying this near any ocean, lake, pond, pool, or any type of body of water for that matter, again.

Thanks for reading


– Asia ❤

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