I finally did it you guys,

on October 23rd, after 2 years, 5 months, 1 week, and 4 days

I finally decided to go on a cut off all my relaxed ends and now I am oh so very proud to say I AM 1HUNNA PERCENT NATURALLLLLLL!!!!!

(And the crowd goes wild ahhhhh!!!)

The Story:

The reason why I decided to just go ahead and cut it was, back in September I had wanted to do some protective styling and put in some chunky box braids.

No big deal right? I mean what could go wrong?

I soon found out,


The first thing that went wrong was, I cheaped out and bought a different type of braid hair than I normally do to try and save money. This hair..boy o boy this damn hair…ended up being the braid hair from hell. It was so freaking rough, hurt my fingers, and tangled at the mere thought of picking it up. No wonder why it was so cheap!!! Smh still kicking myself today for this one. The second thing that went wrong was I only bought like 5 packs of hair. Now I damn well knew 5 packs probably wouldn’t be enough for my whole thick head of hair but I thought that I could make it stretch since I was doing some fairly large braids and I didn’t want my head to be too heavy. (Fun Fact: 5 packs of hair is stilll wayyy to heavy for my weak ass neck lol) Here’s where everything started to go down hill, I decided that I would just cut each pack of hair in half and stretch it literally to elongate it. Anyone who braids hair and has done this, knows the horrors of hairs sticking out all along the braid making them look frizzy. Well I then thought, “Hey, I can make the braid look neat by just cutting off the little hairs sticking out, *awesome idea*” So I’m just happily snip snip snippin away, and little did I know that my hair matched the exact color of the reddish brown braid hair that I had bought… so me thinking I was cutting off the braid hair ….


The relaxed bits stood no chance. I only found out when I took them down like 2 weeks after, and boyyyy did I cry. Smh. Trying to find a bit of good out of this shitstorm, I was happy though that it was only the relaxed hair and none of my curls but was still livid at myself for being so stupid and doing that. I lost about an half an inch to inch in some places. When I washed my hair I saw that the permed ends I had tirelessly worked so hard to keep intact were thrashed. They were thin and wispy and started to break off like crazy. 😦


Birthday Pic 😀

My birthday was coming up the next month and I wanted my length still for pictures, so I flat ironed one last time and curled my horrid ends with curlformers. It came out great and you couldn’t even tell how “not cute” my ends were..until I washed it.


Warning: The image you are about to see may be disturbing to some readers.


OHMYLAWWWDDD sooo bad. 😥

So I said forget it lets just get it over with and be done with this whole mess.

WIN_20141023_112428 (2)

WIN_20141023_121125 (3)

( my apologies for the graininess and color difference, webcams smh. )

WIN_20141023_115909 (2)

WIN_20141023_121120 (2)

One side all done!

WIN_20141023_130003 (2)


WIN_20141023_125951 (2) WIN_20141023_130101 (2) WIN_20141023_130123 (2)

WIN_20141023_130032 (2)

I went from waist length to bra strap length but gained so much volume!!!

WIN_20141023_130144 (2)

I haven’t flat ironed it yet but when I do I’ll post a comparison photo. But there you have it! My little big chop 😀

It wasnt as scary or as heart wrenching as I thought it would be.  No tears shed. Kinda corny but I felt hella free hahaha. To anyone transitioning  thats reading this and still considering doing the big chop just remember, its your hair, do it when YOU’RE ready. It will be so much less traumatic that way. ( If you’re like me and not used to having short hair.) I see so many hairblogs that say stuff like “just cut em off and get it over with, they look bad, don’t try and blend two textures blahblah.. etc” BUT HEY! EFF ALL THAT NOISE! I kept my  lil bits for almost 2.5 years, babied and defended them suckas like no other, but when I got to a length I was comfortable with, I decided it was time for them to go at the dismay of many family members and people who just “didn’t get why I was cutting my “super long” hair anyway”.

 My hair feels much healtheir, combing and detangling it just got 100x’s easier, and my curls and twistouts BE POPPIN’ SEVERELY!!! lmao!

but the best thing is, I’m so happy to finally be able to say I’m completely natural now.

Thanks for reading! ❤

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