Length Check After Chop 10.29.14

Hello Hello!

After I chopped I wore my hair curly for a few days but then realized I needed to do a length check post so I can have an idea of where I am restarting from.

Before we get into that,

 Here’s a few texture shots. I would still say I am a mix of 3c/4a using the naturallycurly.com chart.

I had an interview that day so I just rocked a puff pony and this is a pic of second day hair.



Since big chopping I have learned that my natural hair, in all its voluminous glory,  is HARD TO DEAL WITH. There’s just so much of it now ahhhhhhh @_@

Trying to put that puff in a bun or anything other than that puff was impossible lol. I took small sections and some aloe vera juice, grabbed my tangle teezer and teezed away. Spent a good 3 hrs detangling super softly as not to break my new ends.


Excuse my face. I was tired as heck.

 I then blewout/stretched each section and as you can see from the pic, my shrinkage is wayyyyyyy toooooooo reeeeeaaaaaalll.





I had a moment with my fro


WIN_20141028_121104 WIN_20141028_121224 WIN_20141028_121006 WIN_20141028_121123 WIN_20141028_121012 WIN_20141028_120955


When I was all done,

I did a rough flat iron on 380-90 degrees and saw that I am actually below bra strap length more so midback, so I should be getting back to waist length pretty soon. *super excited*




In this last photo I pulled my shirt tighter so you can see ma curves..lol jk so you guys could see where my natural waist begins. The candy part is placed over where my bra strap ends and as you can see I’m a bit over that so I would think it would be safe to say I am at mid-back length even though my longest layer does scrape my waist haha. I still want to go to a legit shop and have them clean up my ends. Its also looking like I am going to be stuck with these V-shaped ends forever lol. One day I’ll have my U-shape.

So yay! I am a lot closer than I thought to my goal of full waist length natural hair! I just need to protect my ends with my life and keep my hair moisturized and I should be there in no time!

Thanks for reading and Happy growing! ❤

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