I’mmm Baaaaack!!!


after a looong 2 year hiatus I am happy to say I will be back posting again yippiee!

So my last post was back in October of 2014 when I did my big chop and became 100% natural. Since then my hair and I have been through quite a bit! (A move, new job, and a few colors to say the least but anywhoooo I missed yall 🙂 )

The Magenta Era.

So lets get straight to it, after chopping I got really bored and decided I would stop being such a wuss and do a color. But I didn’t want just any color, I wanted something bold and different than anything I’ve ever had before so I went with Magenta! wp-1454380916039.jpeg

I used Loreal HiLights for Dark Hair in Magenta. I used two boxes and 30 developer I think I used the sallys one and the Ion one in the purple bottle.

On January 29th, 2015 I just went ahead and did it and loved the results..kinda. Lol, the color was super fire but I personally still felt like it wasnt bright enough but I left it alone out of fear that I’d damage my hair. (It had been over 5 years since I used a legit dye withdeveloper n’ whatnot.)

Here I think  I was around below bra strap length with super delish ends since it was freshly cut lol. I don’t think it was much of a “magenta” since my hair was so dark starting out but it did lift significantly and got me to this pretty reddish-burgundy color you see here.

With regular washing and heat use, as with every color, it began to fade.  😦 Lowkey by this time I was already bored with this color too lol. I mean it was pretty but I still felt like it wasn’t “me” enough.

During this time I played with different textures but for the most part my hair was usually blown out or flat ironed. When I got sick of this color I was super excited to move on to the next, which was PURPLE!!!!

The Purple Saga


On August 4th, 2015 I finally got my Pravana Chromasilk Vivids hair dye in the mail! I chose Violet. I could barley contain myself as I ripped open the package. Little secret, I’ve always alwaayysss allllwaayyyyysss wanted purple hair! But not like a crazy clown purple or anything, not even a lavender, I wanted a nice “grown up” (yes purple hair can be grown up lol) deep purple that was more on the red side. Most purples I’ve seen people do are very blue based since most start out with a very light blonde-ish color. I don’t personally like that look for myself so I was a tad worried because the Pravana Violet is VERYYYYYY blue based. So being that I had just went this “magenta” color, I was HOPING my hair was the already the perfect shade for creating the purple I wanted. *fingers crossed* Lets back up a bit, when I was still magenta I tried going purple once before with Adore brand hair dye and that went absolutely horrendous. Nothing but my tub got dyed, and to make matters worse the parts that did dye were super dark or BROWN -_-. Total waste of time so much I wont even post pics of that crap because it was just such a super let down. So glad it wasn’t permanent ugh. OK back to the story lol, I got my Pravana and some Organix Coconut conditioner and mixed them. Cool thing about the Pravana, is its a demi-permanent so you don’t have to add developer or anything, but be warned it is verrryy pigmented and will come out ddddaaarrrkk if you just put it straight. I wanted a reddish purple and I didnt want a repeat of last time so I diluted it with the conditioner.


Curl pattern still ok after the series of dye and heat.


The first time around it came out pretty dark, People could NOT tell it was purple indoors lol.



Outside versus Inside. Drastic difference. I loved it haha.

The Pravana worked peeerrrfectly and smelled amaaaazing. My hair was so crazy soft after using it. Needless to say I was very impressed. It didn’t bleed on clothes or anything but it did kinda washout a bit in the shower, which should be expected since its not a permanent color and because of how crazy pigmented it is. It didn’t really start faaading till like November, by the end of the month though it was basically red again lol.

I have been regularly using heat throughout this whole time because of work and having my hair straight just makes things go faster, and I will admit I’ve experienced some dryness and a little breakage but nothing too crazy. I really need to step up my moisturizing game again I aint’ enn gon lie tho’ cuz any breakage is too much breakage for me to be honest.

Now I am back purple and loving it. Its been about 6 months since I did the red which lifted my hair color so its safe to say I have some serious roots going on right about now. I think I have about 4 inches of my natural hair color then it gets to this purple lol. I dont think Im going to do anything about them either because one, its not really a big deal to me and two, I went purple so I could just darken them with the Pravana and have a dark to light ombre-ish type effect when it gets longer.

Gettin back up to date: Length Checks!


blue: 5.2.15 red: 7.1.15 white: 8.4.15

Ok ok so I havent been being the best at keeping my length checks and my pics are kinda funky but here we gooo lol blue 5.2.15 red: 7.1.15 and white 8.4.15

when I do the pull down and hold thing like in the second photo I am currently past my natural waist and like 3  inches from my bootybuttcrack lol. I really need to do 2016 cut and length check so I can have a nice starting point for the year but I wanted to do an update post beforehand so you lovelies can see what I’ve been up to!

Well this post is already too long lol so I guess Ill wrap it up! Glad to be back and thanks for reading 😉

– Asia ❤



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