Hi there I’m Asia.

Artist. Blogger. Natural Hair Advocate.

and the face behind

Forever As I Am


I’m setting out on a journey to prove that black women can grow long, healthy, natural hair too.
I started this website to record my successes and failures, while sharing valuable information along the way.

HAIRstory: After so many years wasting money on hair that wasn’t mine, I needed to stop. I thought to myself,

“I have perfectly good hair on my own damn head why am I spending so much on something that I make for free?”

From that moment on it has been my mission to one, start loving and accepting myself more as I am and two, to start appreciating and treating my hair with the respect it deserves. Over these years I’ve come to realize that I am perfect the way I am, no longer do I feel the need to conform to anyone’s standard of beauty except my own. I’ve also learned that being yourself is the only way to be truly happy in this world, like the saying goes,

” Be a 1st rate version of yourself, not a 2nd rate version of somebody else.”

& that’s what I plan to do

-Be Forever You!


Read the long story here.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Really nice blog! I arrived here from Amria. I’m always fighting with my hair, because they’re not as I want! I’ll read all your tips asap!

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