How To Maintain Two Textures For Transitioners

Hey y’all, you guys know I’ve been transitioning for quite sometime now, (1year 7months 3weeks and 6 days now to be exact) so I decided to make a short lil’ list of some techniques I’ve used to maintain these two … Continue reading

Happy New Year!!!


Wishing all my wonderful followers the happiest of the happiest New Years! ❤

You guys are fantastic & I love you all dearly 🙂

Thanks for even following me for one! and all your support and time spent on my blog ❤

Did I mention you guys are awesome? Best wishes!

– Asia

Henna Results and End of the Year Progress

Here’s the post I promised you guys about the henna color results! Before I applied the henna I did the rainwash treatment for 40mins for absolutely noooo reason. Only because I had forgot I’d already purchased a shower filter which … Continue reading

Peroxide and Baking Soda Results!

So I went ahead and bleached the ends of my hair and it came out super neat 🙂 So like I mentioned in the last post, I used 3% peroxide and some baking soda I had in my bathroom. I … Continue reading

Dangerous Deodorants & A Healthier Alternative

Dangerous Deodorant.  Now everyone, (well hopefully everyone…) knows, if you don’t want to smell like stank sweaty pits and be shunned by society you have to use deodorant of some sorts in its many forms. Whether you use roll on … Continue reading