Length Check 9.9.16

Left: May 25th 2016 Right: Sept 9th 2016

Since I checked near the end of May and around the start of Sept Ill just say its been like 3months. 😂 Still self trimming. Couldn’t bring myself to go get it cut. One day, one day….

Length Check 5.29.16


So I bought a new length check shirt and I’m already near the bottom. Im going to get it trimmed to the 18 so i can have more of an even shape. This post is super short Im sorry haha 😂

The GVP Hair Adventures and Pin Curls!

The GVP Hair Adventures and Pin Curls!

So this is going to be pretty much more of a picture post than a regular post. So a little while ago I told you guys that I had just purchased the GVP flat iron from Sally’s, well I went … Continue reading

Happy New Year!!!


Wishing all my wonderful followers the happiest of the happiest New Years! ❤

You guys are fantastic & I love you all dearly 🙂

Thanks for even following me for one! and all your support and time spent on my blog ❤

Did I mention you guys are awesome? Best wishes!

– Asia

Awwwww Snap! My Curlformers Are Here!!!

Yayyyy I’m so excited I ordered some off brand Curlformers from amazon. I was not about to pay like $70 for 20 when these were $18 for 40!!! I am super eager to try them out but just my luck I would finish my wash day before they came in the mail -.-

I may try them out tonight but if they’re too hard ill do it tomorrow along with a post!

Over 100 Followers!!!



To my old followers:

Thank you guise so much, you’re da bestest!

To my new followers: You’re pretty rad too,

Thank you for following me. I hope I can continue to bring you good content.

All of you. You’re Awesome.