Length Check 9.9.16

Left: May 25th 2016 Right: Sept 9th 2016

Since I checked near the end of May and around the start of Sept Ill just say its been like 3months. 😂 Still self trimming. Couldn’t bring myself to go get it cut. One day, one day….

The GVP Hair Adventures and Pin Curls!

The GVP Hair Adventures and Pin Curls!

So this is going to be pretty much more of a picture post than a regular post. So a little while ago I told you guys that I had just purchased the GVP flat iron from Sally’s, well I went … Continue reading

Happy New Year!!!


Wishing all my wonderful followers the happiest of the happiest New Years! ❤

You guys are fantastic & I love you all dearly 🙂

Thanks for even following me for one! and all your support and time spent on my blog ❤

Did I mention you guys are awesome? Best wishes!

– Asia

Awwwww Snap! My Curlformers Are Here!!!

Yayyyy I’m so excited I ordered some off brand Curlformers from amazon. I was not about to pay like $70 for 20 when these were $18 for 40!!! I am super eager to try them out but just my luck I would finish my wash day before they came in the mail -.-

I may try them out tonight but if they’re too hard ill do it tomorrow along with a post!

Over 100 Followers!!!



To my old followers:

Thank you guise so much, you’re da bestest!

To my new followers: You’re pretty rad too,

Thank you for following me. I hope I can continue to bring you good content.

All of you. You’re Awesome.