My Regimen & Fave Products

I wash or co-wash (conditioner wash) my hair every week, sometimes every other week if my hair isn’t too dirty, on Fridays.

Yep, you’d think with me being a 21 year old college student I’d be out partying on Fridays but nope, not me, I’m at home on a date with my hair. 🙂 and you know what, I kind of like it that way haha. So where were we?

Wash Day: Friday

First I detangle my hair in sections with aloe vera juice, conditioner, and or oils for slip.

Braid hair into 6-8 sections while detangling

When my hair is all detangled I move on to some form of deep conditioning for at least an hour.

Note: I have crazy thick, crazy dry hair so not everyone will have to leave on for this length of time. 30minutes is fine for normal heads, consider this a blessing lol. Oh and some form of heat really helps a lot while deep conditioning, the heat allows the product to penetrate your hair better leaving it softer.

DC Methods: Avocado and honey mixture, Aussie 3min miracle , CCO/OO/JO/GSO hot oil treatment

After deep conditioning I get in the shower and wash, condition, and detangle each section one by one. I find this method tedious as hell but it really does save you in the long run from unwanted and unnecessary tangles. I condition once more with my Aussie Moist and rebraid. I let the conditioner sit for a couple minutes and then rinse my hair with cold water or do a tea rinse, which helps with shedding.

Why cold water?! Girl nuhunnn… I know I know. It sucks, but the cold water actually helps to smooth down and seal your hair cuticle which has been raised by the hot water, and shampoo. Conditioners also help with this smoothing down process.

Then I let air dry while still in braids. When it’s like 50% dry, I add my sealing oils to trap in that moisture.

Maintenance and Styling

Because I am in the transitioning stages to natural hair, I have two textures going on, Limplameass relaxed tips, and awesomeasscurlyfantastical roots. This causes me to have to wear styles that blend the two textures because I’m a big weenie hut jr. and can’t big chop haha. I’m in it for the long haul! *robust laugh*

Go to styles: Bun with Two Strand Twist in the front, Senegalese twists, most recently straw sets and flexi rods, Bantu knot outs, two and three strand braids/twists

I try not to.. Let me repeat, TRY NOT to detangle more than 1x a week.
(My hair tangles so easily so sometimes I end up doing it 3xs in a week 😦 )

Moisturize with conditioner/oil/water spray bottle mixture when dry. (All the time smh)

Warm oil scalp massages/hot oil treatments

Avocado/Honey//OO/CCO Deep Conditioning Mask *natural


Well when it comes to my hair products I will admit that I can sometimes become mesmerized by all the fancy shiny bottles in the stores with their magical claims of greatness and develop product junkie syndrome, but then I remember to chill the f*** out and go to natural rehab.

I prefer to use all natural products on my hair but I mean, if something that’s not natural works for me, I ain’t gon’ knock it. *shrug* thug life. & plus I’m a broke college student, ain’t nobody got time to be tryna spend buttloads of money on stuff. Natural or not. #realtalk #imlookinfothemdealsson #savingmoney 😐


Roux Porosity Control

Aphogee Shampoo for damaged hair,

Tresemee Naturals

Alba Botanica Natural Hawaiian Shampoo


Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa

Aussie Moist

Roux Porosity Control

Aphogee Balancing Conditioner


coconut oil = CCO

grape seed oil = GSO

avocado oil = AVO

jojoba oil = JJO

almond oil =AO

vitamin e oil = VEO

olive oil = OO





Raw West African Shea Butter

Raw East African Shea Butter

Bentonite Clay

3 thoughts on “My Regimen & Fave Products

    • I don’t know about growing it, but it does keep it a bit more moisturized than just shampooing every time and then adding conditioner. The shampoo strips the hair of all the oil and is needed for effectively cleaning your scalp which is what one should really be trying to keep healthy to grow hair. When I am in a rush and my hair feels extremely dry and I am not in the mood to sit and wait for an hour long deep conditioning session I will co-wash. Throughout the month, if the length of my hair feels like their is buildup I will use shampoo and then deep condition. So yea pretty much neither one grows hair faster, the shampoo is there to remove dirt and product buildup from the scalp and hair. (A clean scalp is a major component in growing hair.) The conditioner part is there to add moisture and elasticity to the hair after it has been thoroughly cleaned with shampoo. It also closes and smooths down the cuticle layer that the shampoo just opened giving the hair a smooth feel/finish. So technically they both are equally needed in growing hair. Using one more than the other wont effect the speed of growth. ( well using shampoo very often with no moisturizer or conditioner over a long period will cause your hair to be extremely dry and break so I guess that could be seen as an effect on growth ) hope that answered your question! 🙂

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