My Hair

This blog will be dedicated to my healthy haircare journey towards natural hair.

I will be using a combination of cameras to take my photos please forgive me if some are grainy, you”ll know I used the ipad then -_-

So a little about my mane 🙂

Starting length: (Super damaged) SL/APL, May 2012

Current length: BSL MBL

Last relaxer: May 2012

Goal length: MBL(reached on feb 13. 2013

New Goal Length: WL

Texture: transitioning from relaxed to natural.

Hair Type:

My hair “type” I guess would range from 3c -4a in some spots. My hair is craycraynaynay and does what it wants. I have a head full of supa fine, supa fragile, super dense strands. @_@

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