Straw Set


A really great style for transitioners who want to get a sneak peek at what being fully natural will look like. Doesn’t put a lot of stress the hair which is great for length retention. Expect a looooottt of shrinkage.

great no heat low manipulation style.

It takes quite a bit of time to achieve this style but can be worn up to 2 weeks with some maintenance, re-application of straws in some spots where curls tend to fall.

Bantu Knot Out


Another great no heat style.

I applied this method to already flat ironed hair to achieve this look.

Bun & Flat Twist



My ” go to” style when my hair isn’t cooperating or when I don’t know what to do with it.

You can catch me wearing my hair this way at least 90% of the time

a simple bun with a two strand twist to combat frizzy edges.

(once again my makeup was on point today lol. )

Long Senegalese Twists


They were so cute when I did them, it took around 10 packs of hair and this was my first try. I must admit I did a pretty good job. *pats self on the back*

The one major issue I had with these was obviously the length. With all that length comes weight, so after I dipped them they were heavy as fuhhh. Also having extra long braids while trying to sleep is a horrible combination. I tried everything, putting them in a scarf, trying to make a bun, ponytail ect. but the sheer weight and length of these bad boys proved too much. I kept them in for about 4weeks.

I then did a shorter set like around MBL and they were just right, not too heavy.

Oh and I would love to hear from you guys

if any of you want any tutorials feel free to ask ❤

Side Two Strand Twists


3.1.13 After wash day quick style. Bun with 3 two strand twists.

Fake Bob



This was my Faux or Fake Bob Attempt.

I wanted to see what I would look like with short hair if I big chopped.

I first straightened my hair and then clipped up the back with a butterfly clip. Simple as 1 2 3.

I think I could werk it.


Flat Twisted bangs & Flower


3.3.13 Protective Style

Flat twists in the front and individual two strand twists in the back then all put into a simple bun with a flower.


Slanted Flat Twists



Omg I’m getting so much better with my two strand twists and a white hair lol


Side braid with bun on flat ironed hair



This is a super cute style I found on tumblr (middle photo) and tried to recreate. I’m not the best at three strand braiding but I got it done, I just need more practice. You can see where my flat ironed hair started to revert and get a lil puffy (bottom left)since I had to spray it with a moisturizer or risk breaking it off. My hair was unusually dry and I was experiencing some breakage while trying to braid. I think it’s time for another protein treatment… :/

Twist Out on Blow Dried Hair


Step 1. Blow dry using tension method.


Step 2. Moisturize and twist. Let dry overnight.

20130421-140616.jpgUndo twists and separate and fluff each section for volume


voila! there you have it!


Flat Twist Heart Bun


Full Post Here


Two Strand Flat Twist & Swoop Bang

See it here on Vine!!! 



Curlformers 1st Try!

Full post here

Super Long Senegalese Twists … Again. 🙂


Turned out being too heavy again. I had them in for 16 days. I think I may be done with the extra long twists for good now lol.

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