My Art Page Re-Publicized

Due to the overwhelmingly good responses I’ve gotten from you wonderful princes and princess toward my art, I have gotten the courage to re open the page.

Even if it throws off my home links -___- lol.

I hope I will continue to receive such positivity and support towards my future works.

I loaf yew guise, thank yew ❤


I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate|Spoken Word By Sulibreezy· (MUST HEAR!)

( A little pick me up before finals, enjoy. )

So powerful & full of truth.

Im at a loss for words I dont even know what to say other than, this is beyond dope and this man forever has my respect.


Please watch and share.

It sucks that we are being brought up in a society where they teach students to value grades over actually knowing the material.

Keep Calm <3

Keep Calm <3