Senegalese Twists! (Styles)

Senegalese Twists! (Styles)

Another style that saved me some time and hardship in the beginning of my hhj. I had just watched the movie Friday and wanted em’ super long and hood haha. They went just under my bootybuttcheeks.

Black Hair: ‘The Melissa Harris-Perry Show’ Gives A Crash Course in Black Hair


“Just like that other N word, You probably shouldn’t use it. “

Throwback Thursday!


just an old flick of myself  😀

See this right here kind of makes me reconsider my choice on being natural, I mean I like curly hair, but I LOVE straight hair but hate the flatness and maintaining of straight hair. I want the volume of curly hair but I hate the detangling process.  :/

I mean I want the ease of relaxed hair without the dependency that it brings

I’m torn.

Have any of you natural ladies out there had this issue? If so please tell me what you think I should do.