Black Hair Myth! Dundundunnnn!

Why is there this myth that black hair is incapable of growing long?

I believe black hair can be grown to great lengths with patience, protection, and proper care.

Unfortunately, most women today are unconsciously mishandling their hair and are breaking it off faster than it can grow!

Take note that coily, curly, kinky hair must be handled very gently because it is the most delicate of all hair types and breaks with little to no effort. Because black hair coils and curls, each point where the hair bends is a potential spot for breakage to occur, because the hair shaft there is weaker.

The deciding factor in hair length isn’t how fast or slow your hair grows but how much of that growth you retain. Length retention occurs best when you use protective styling methods to protect the ends of your hair from being damaged, they are the oldest parts of our hair therefore the most fragile. Styles like buns, two strand twists, flat twists and braids are great examples of protective styling.

Lets keep it g, we women do a lot of damaging things to our fragile hair like, blow drying, flat ironing, relaxing, bleaching, dying, frying! The list goes on, it’s no wonder our hair isn’t long and flowing down our backs. ( Not saying that’s what every women needs to aspire to do because we all know there are many fabulous ladies out there rocking the short hair) needless to say, all these factors cause our hair to become extremely dry and brittle eventually leading to breakage.

Hair in general needs a balanced level of moisture and protein to keep it healthy and to retain elasticity. Healthy hair with a good protein to moisture ratio will stretch and will be less likely to break or snap off during regular styling. Hair with a deficit in either of these two areas will show some warning signs.

Hair with a low moisture content, which is very common in black hair especially, will feel rough and brittle and breaks off very easily during styling, detangling, or just even running your fingers through. If you find little broken bits of hair all over your clothes or sink you probably have a moisture deficiency. To repair this focus on moisturizing your hair more often.

Healthy hair needs water!!! Water is your friend!!!

A spray bottle filled with water is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to help hydrate your hair. Doing a weekly deep conditioning would greatly benefit those with this type of problem. Focus on using conditioners that specialize in moisturizing. Aussie moist is a good one or the Trader Joes Naturals conditioner has worked well for me and its cheap!

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Moisture overload is the opposite of a protein overload but doesn’t happen very often, if it does your hair will feel limp, soggy, and stretch quite a bit without or before breaking. If this happens, its easier to fix than a protein overload. Try using a mild protein reconstructive treatment or if its really bad something hardcore like Aphogee 2step treatment.

Well I hope this little bit of information was of some value