Length Check After Chop 10.29.14

Hello Hello! After I chopped I wore my hair curly for a few days but then realized I needed to do a length check post so I can have an idea of where I am restarting from. Before we get … Continue reading

Hair Length Measurement 6.26.14

With Tape Measure! So in my last post I mentioned I was trying out the Inversion method to see if I can really achieve 1 inch of growth in 7 days. Now I am skeptical as HELL. But its only … Continue reading

Wash Day 3.8.14

Wash Day 3.8.14

Wash Day 3.8.14 Hello lovelies,  Its been a bit. 🙂 This wash day I decided to do a protein treatment as well.  I haven’t really been doing anything too exciting with my hair since my last post. I’m back in … Continue reading

How To Maintain Two Textures For Transitioners

Hey y’all, you guys know I’ve been transitioning for quite sometime now, (1year 7months 3weeks and 6 days now to be exact) so I decided to make a short lil’ list of some techniques I’ve used to maintain these two … Continue reading

Henna Results and End of the Year Progress

Here’s the post I promised you guys about the henna color results! Before I applied the henna I did the rainwash treatment for 40mins for absolutely noooo reason. Only because I had forgot I’d already purchased a shower filter which … Continue reading